Bashundhara residential area

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Away from the bustling and busy city life, Basundhara stands out as one of the most beautiful residential areas in Dhaka. So it is no wonder that it is one of the most sought-after areas by people who love a comparatively quiet and luxurious life away from the crowded part of the city.

Though originally a part of the Vatara Thana, Basundhara is a part of Dhaka North City Corporation. You will find in the Basundhara area guide that it is a short distance from the 300-foot Purbachal Free Expressway and Kuril Flyover. It is also very close to Baridhara, another upper-class area.

The well-known Basundhara Group started the project of building this area in 1980. Over time, lands turned into high-rise buildings filled with apartments. And now, it is the first and largest well-planned neighborhood with a massive land area of 113 sq./km.

It is one of the main reasons many big real estate companies are investing in residential, commercial, and housing projects. The residential areas are divided into several blocks, and many properties (both land and apartments) are listed for sale.

Though the area mostly has high-priced housing, people from the middle and upper-middle classes also live inside and around it. Each area has its own amenities and facilities. There are many greeneries and playgrounds to make the areas appear like picture books. And the overall environment is suitable for people of all ages.

It is also a semi-commercial area with many offices, business companies, schools, colleges, parks, and shopping malls. The Jamuna Future Park, the largest shopping complex in South Asia, is located in Basundhara.

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tick iconBasundhara is one of the classy residential areas in Dhaka.
tick iconIt offers easy access to the airport, Purbachal New City, Gulshan, and nearby areas.
tick iconIt is a semi-commercial area with many educational, financial, and commercial institutions.
tick iconMost of its residences belong to the upper-middle-class group.
tick iconThe largest shopping complex in South Asia, the Jamuna Future Park, is in Basundhara.
tick iconSome of the most influential companies in the country, including the Basundhara Group, have headquarters in the area.


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n/aBasundhara - Shahjadpur
n/aBasundhara - Jamuna Future Park
n/aBasundhara - Kuril Bishaw Road
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n/akmDhaka Cantonment Railways Station

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tick iconMetro Rail Northern Route: The northern route of the metro rail will be the MRT 5, starting from Savar, Hemayetpur, to Vatara, Bashunadhar. The project is currently under construction.
tick iconPurbachal Expressway: Though it is not in the Basundhara area, the development of the Purbachal Expressway will help minimize traffic issues in the Basundhara area.
tick iconHousing and Other Developments: There are more housing and commercial projects coming up with increased facilities around the area.

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tick iconAs the very first and largest residential area of the city, Basundhara is filled with parks, attractive housing, parking facilities, and greeneries.
tick iconTraveling around Dhaka's Northern area is more accessible from Basundhara. It also offers easy access to many notable parts of Dhaka city.
tick iconThough living in Basundhara is costly, the lifestyle in the area is much better, with many educational, commercial, and recreational facilities.
tick iconThe entire residential area is under 24/7 surveillance with over 1000 security guards working round duty.

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tick iconThe commercial areas need proper traffic maintenance
tick iconHeavy traffic areas should come under proper management
tick iconRoads in certain areas need reconstruction

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