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Bosila, Dhaka

Bosila, an extended part of Mohammadpur, is one of the most up-and-coming areas of Dhaka city. If we look back at the chronicles of Dhaka city 10-15 years ago, we will discover Bosila as a submerged and downtrodden park that is almost inhabitable. Fast forward to the emergence of the Dam and Bosila bridge, Dhaka has unearthed a new area.

Bosila has a historical significance. The name is etched in the tapestry of tales of liberation war. Rayer Bazar Bodhyo Bhumi, which stands as a witness to the bloody genocide of 1971, is closely attached to the Bosila area.

Bosila is a one-of-a-kind area of Dhaka. The mighty Buriganga runs through the city and is connected to the Bosila Bridge. The River is a boon for the area. Many residents of Bosila are associated with businesses related to the Buriganga River and utilize the pathway and resources.

The biggest development in the Bosila Area pans out in residential establishments. There are more and more high-rise buildings to accommodate the inhabitants. Bosila Garden City is an organized model town where affluent and middle-class families prefer to nestle as their home.

Bosila Road is a popular road in Bosila that divides Mohammadpur from the area. This is Bosila's access point. Needless to say, this road keeps busy and chaotic. People who work near the Mohammadpur or Dhanmondi area but the rent in those areas is too high to meet up with prefer to settle in Bosila. Communication between Bosila and those areas is straightforward and swift. Bosila is a happening place. Many industries and educational and medical institutions plan to shift there as its proximity to Buriganga. Many students and bachelors opt for Bosila to live in sublets or affordable rent.

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City Insights

tick iconBosila is located at the Bank of Buriganga River. At both ends of the river, Bosila is rising as a city of high-rise apartment buildings.
tick iconBosila Garden City and other housing projects create a form of solidarity among the residents.
tick iconAs the area is close to Mohammadpur, the culture of Kabab and Mosques is dominant here.
tick iconThe rapid development is threatening the cleanliness of Buriganga and other biodiversity.
tick iconPublic transport is available for almost all the corners of Dhaka city and beyond. Rickshaws and autos are highly available too.

Known Landmarks

  • Mohammadpur Beribadh

  • Bosila Bridge

  • Rayer Bazar Bodhyo Bhumi

  • Dhaka Uddan


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Bus Routes

Bosila - Mohammadpur
Bosila - Dhanmondi 15
Bosila - Bata Signal
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Nearest Train Stations

Agargaon Metro Rail Station
Bijoy Soroni Metro Rail Station

New Developments

tick iconBosila Heights, a residential apartment project by KBS Holdings, will accommodate around 100 families at the prime location of Bosila.
tick iconPopular Medical College, a sister concern of Popular Pharmaceuticals, is underway construction and will soon be inaugurated.

What’s great here?

tick iconThe Bosila Bridge and Bosila Road are a great way to connect the area with Dhaka city.
tick iconBosila Road is very wide, and cars can run in four lanes through the road.
tick iconMost residential apartments of Bosila are enclosed within a housing society.
tick iconAs these housing societies have their own security systems, the areas are safe and secure.
tick iconDuring the rainy season, the water in Buriganga cleans up and provides a fresh breath of Oxygen.

What needs attention?

tick iconBig trucks and lorries often park on the roads illegally.
tick iconThere is a lack of quality restaurants and places for hangouts.
tick iconSometimes, the rickshaws are too reckless and cause accidents on the road.
tick iconThe lack of greeneries and parks near the Bosila area often fails the residents to provide fresh Oxygen.
tick iconSome industries and production companies pollute and exploit the Buriganga River attached to Bosila. It creates a shortage of fresh water and air in the area.

Neighbourhood Rating


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Connectivity & Commute4.5 out of 5
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Lifestyle & Facilities4.5 out of 5
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Safety & Security3.5 out of 5
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Environment4 out of 5

Property Price Trends in Bosila for

Average Price (Last 12 months)
Tk. 2,245.39 sqft
Past 12 months' growth
Negative Trend
Past 3 months 'growth
Negative Trend
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