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Jatrabari, Dhaka

Jatrabari can easily be regarded as the heart of communication across Bangladesh. It is also known for the steel furniture industry. But what you don’t hear often is that many people choose to live in Jatrabari or its surrounding areas due to transportation and other conveniences.

Part of the Dhaka South City Corporation, Jatrabari area guide shows that it has an area of 13.19 sq./km (5.09 sq mi), and the population is over 4,92,166. The area is located at the center of the Dhaka-Chittagong Road highway. It is bounded by Demra, Sabujbag, Kadamtoli and Shyampur.

Jatrabari is best known for its Jatrabari-Gulistan flyover (also known as the Mayor Mohammed Hanif Flyover). It is 11km long and is the largest flyover in Bangladesh, connecting 30 southern and southwestern districts. On a good day, it takes only around 10 minutes to cross the flyover in the Jatrabari-Gulistan route.

The Dhaka-Demra Highway, Sayedabad Bridge New Road, Dhaka-Sylhet Highway, etc., offer easy communication in different parts of the country. Due to the increasing population, Jatrabari is also becoming a suitable target for real estate investors.

Other than that, many people from different districts are investing in purchasing plots and building houses in the area. Renting rooms or apartments is very affordable here for individuals and families.

The area is also famous for having some reputed educational institutions and private and commercial businesses. The Quantum Foundation, a well-known and self-funded organization, has a branch in Jatrabari.

Though there aren’t many attractions nearby, it has some commonly known places, such as Jatrabari Park, Jatrabari Wapda Colony Power Development Board, Jatrabari Madrasa Masjid, etc.

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City Insights

tick iconJatrabari is a semi-urban area surrounded by various parts of Dhaka and Narayanganj.
tick iconIt is an area with mass communication facilities connecting most parts of Bangladesh.
tick iconThere are growing RMG and other industries with many commercial institutions.
tick iconJatrabari is a notable area for a wider range of haat, bazar, and other marketplaces.
tick iconThe largest flyover in Bangladesh is the Jatrabari-Gulistan flyover, which connects many districts around the counties.

Known Landmarks

  • Mayor Mohammed Hanif Flyover

  • Jatrabari Park

  • Dania College

  • Jatrabari Fish Market

  • Jamia Muhammadia Arabia Madrasa


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Bus Routes

Jatrabari - Moghbazar
Jatrabari - Tongi Bridge
Jatrabari - Banglamotor
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Nearest Train Stations

Gandaria Railway Station
Kamalpur Railway Station

New Developments

tick iconMetro Rail MRT Line 4: Metro Rail MRT Line 4 is due to be completed by 2030. It will connect Sayedabad, Jatrabari, and Shonir Akhra, as well as the Dhaka-Narayanganj routes.
tick iconOthers: There are several other upcoming housing projects, green landscape projects, and industrial projects coming up in Jatrabari.

What’s great here?

tick iconJatrabari has wider transportation facilities than allow anyone to travel in most parts of the country.
tick iconThough Jatrabari is not an entirely developed town, it is still developing and making it a suitable area to move to.
tick iconThe area has several reputed schools, colleges, and madrasas and locations around it.
tick icon Over the years, the number of industries and businesses in the area has grown incredibly, opening doors to many job opportunities.

What needs attention?

tick iconPoor road conditions due to portholes and broken roads.
tick iconThe traffic control system needs to be improved to lower accident rates.
tick iconDue to mass routes, the area suffers from air pollution.
tick iconThere are dump sites across highways and main roads that are creating unhygienic situations and also causing more pollution.

Neighbourhood Rating


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Connectivity & Commute4 out of 5
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Lifestyle & Facilities5 out of 5
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Safety & Security4 out of 5
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Environment3 out of 5

Property Price Trends in Jatrabari for

Average Price (Last 12 months)
Tk. 4,675.12 sqft
Past 12 months' growth
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Past 3 months 'growth
Positive Trend
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