house of poet sunil gangopadhyay
rajaram mondir
auliapur neelkuthi
senapati dighi

মাদারীপুর, ঢাকা

Madaripur may be overlooked like any other district of Bangladesh, but if you dig deep, you will realize It is an epitome of natural beauty, historical significance, and cultural affluence. In this Madaripur area guide, we will probe extensively the beauty and potential of Madaripur.

Madaripur is wrapped and webbed with numerous rivers. Padma, Arial Kha, Kumar, Krittinasha, Moynakata, and many more rivers have swathed the district from the beginning of time. Such affluence in nature has attracted many civilizations and people to settle here.

According to the latest update, Madaripur is surrounded by 1125 sq. km. of area and accommodates 12,93,027 people. The district has 5 sub-districts, 5 thanas, and 59 unions. According to the consensus, 9 rivers run from the Madaripur District.

The economy of Madaripur thrives on agriculture. The vast expanses of farmland produce a diverse range of crops such as rice, jute, wheat, and various fruits and vegetables. The fertile soil, coupled with the abundant water supply from the river, makes it an ideal location for agriculture, sustaining the livelihoods of the local population for generations.

Madaripur's rich historical landmarks include sites like the 19th-century Madaripur Court Building and the medieval Jor Bangla Temple, which illustrate the region's architectural and theological diversity. Madaripur is steaming with emblems of cultural significance. The vaunted date jaggery has spread its name and fame worldwide.

Despite its rural, agro-based surroundings, Madaripur has tremendous potential as a growth hub. Its strategic location along the river, natural resources, and lush terrain make it an appealing place for investment and growth.

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tick iconMadaripur is perched at the bank of Padma. Several rivers run down from the district.
tick iconMadaripur is a concoction of traditional lifestyle, old-age customs, and delicacy.
tick iconThe rippling from the rhythms of Padma, mixed with the serene silence of the locality, draws a perfect picture of rural Bangladesh.
tick iconFrom agriculture to business, the economy expands to every horizon.
tick iconThe famous Faraizi movement was launched from this area holding the hand of Hazi Shariatulla.

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  • House of Poet Sunil Gangopadhyay

  • Rajaram Mondir

  • Auliapur Neelkuthi

  • Senapati Dighi

  • Shakuni Dighi


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Madaripur - Madaripur Municipal center
Madaripur - Chowrasta bus station
Madaripur - old bus station
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Padma railway Station

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tick iconMadaripur is a crucial connecting point that links the northern and middle parts with the southern part of Bangladesh.
tick iconIt holds importance in watercourse trade as Kaorakandi terminal is situated at Madaripur.
tick iconThe lifestyle of Madaripur is middle-class, primarily family-based.
tick iconIn rural areas, people rely on agriculture as an income source.
tick iconMadaripur is squarely safe and devoid of any turmoil and political upheaval.
tick iconThe rivers and bills are a great foundation for distinctive bio-diversity.

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tick iconSome roads and streets still need to be revamped. Only 132 km of roads are well-constructed, and 4,010 km of streets have yet to be developed.
tick iconMost of the residents in the locality are low-income populace. They are still not well-educated and cling to superstitions.
tick iconAs the area was bereft of road transport before Padma Bridge, many modern facilities were unsuccessful in entering their realm.
tick iconMost roads in the city are not well-lit. Often, buses and rickshaws collide on streets during nighttime.
tick iconLack of forests and greeneries in the locality is a threat to the bio-diversity of the area.

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