tewta jomidar bari
betila jomidar bari
baliati jomidar bari
matta moth

মানিকগঞ্জ, ঢাকা

Though there are several debates about how the name Manikganj came up, it is one of Bangladesh's historically significant districts. Manikganj was established as a district in 1984 under the Dhaka Division.

Manikganj area guide shows it has a land area of 1,383.66 sq./km. And the population of the district is no less than 1.55 million. The district has 7 sub-districts, 2 municipalities, 603 wards, and 1678 villages.

Manikganj is filled and surrounded by beautiful landmarks and many historical sites. Some of the popular sites are Tewta Jomidar Bari, Betila Jomidar Bari, Baliati Jomidar Bari, Matta Moth, etc. Other attractions include the Saturia Upazila Complex Mosque, Nahar Garden Picnic Spot, Shahid Rafique Library & Memorial Museum, Paturia Ferry Ghat, etc.

There are over 166 haats and bazaars in the district that contribute to its economy, along with agriculture and other businesses. The rate of literacy in Manikganj is also excellent, and it has over 800 educational institutions. There are also multiple health complexes in every sub-district of Manikganj.

People are also attracted to this district due to its many traditional and cultural festivals. Every year, the district gets filled with diverse festive colors as people celebrate the Rath Yatra, chariot festival, various village fairs, sports events, etc.

Many well-known figures of Bangladesh are also from Manikganj. Some of them are Shahid Rafique Uddin, filmmaker Tareque Masud, singer Mamtaj Begum, Agun, filmmaker late Khan Ataur Rahman, etc.

When it comes to natural beauty and landscapes, Manikganj offers both rural and urban environments. In recent years, demand for land and modern housing complexes has increased in many of its areas. Roads are also developing with time. Along with many bus routes, very soon, people from Dhaka will be able to travel to Manikganj via train.

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সিটি ইনসাইট

tick iconManikganj is a district of Dhaka Division.
tick iconThough it was a town under Dhaka at first, it was established as a district in 1984.
tick iconAgriculture and fishery are the main economic sources of the district's people.
tick iconThe Dhaka-Aricha Highway offers a major communication system throughout the district.
tick iconManikganj is a land filled with historical landmarks, rivers, greenery, and naturally attractive locations.

পরিচিত ল্যান্ডমার্ক সমূহ

  • Tewta Jomidar Bari

  • Betila Jomidar Bari

  • Baliati Jomidar Bari

  • Matta Moth


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বাস রুট

Manikganj Sadar - Dhaka-Aricha Highway
Manikganj Sadar - Shivalaya
Manikganj Sadar - Pukhoria
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নতুন উন্নয়ন

tick iconBangladesh Railway has undertaken a project to bring Manikganj under the railway network with Tongi-Manikganj-Paturia rail lines.
tick iconThere are a few more road construction and development projects currently under development to reshape the Manikganj townscape.

এখানে কি ভালো?

tick iconFrom buses to rickshaws, the district offers easy and broader transportation facilities.
tick iconRenting houses in Manikganj is very affordable.
tick iconThe rate of unexpected occurrences is relatively low.
tick iconManikganj is filled with green lands, fields, farmlands, and trees, making the environment serene and suitable for all.

কোথায় উন্নয়ন প্রয়োজন?

tick iconManikganj lacks direct train communication with other areas and districts.
tick iconThe district doesn’t have planned housing estates or residential areas.
tick iconThere aren’t enough modern shopping complexes, recreational zones, restaurants, and cuisines in the district.
tick iconThe areas of Manikganj often suffer from floods and damage to lowlands and properties.

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