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Mohakhali DOHS is one of the most attractive areas in Dhaka for living. It was first established for the Defence Officers in the mid-1980s. It is like a haven of peace in the busy city of Dhaka. It is known for its well-planned layout and high-end home appeal. Its well-thought-out infrastructure and the way that modern homes and beautiful greenery fit together so well.

The main attractional of this place is its well-managed security and ease of access. It has a range of high-end housing choices for people who want the peace of a gated community with the ease of city life. Besides, people who value privacy with safety at Mohakhali DOHS can enjoy privet meals, shopping and other high-end services here without worrying much.

Mohakhali DOHS has well-kept roads and key access points that make getting around easy and quick. These roads connect residents to the heart of Dhaka and beyond. Because of its great location, the city's business and entertainment hubs are only a short drive away. This is made possible by its connections to important highways and city roads.

Mohakhali DOHS isn't just good for living with family. It's also a great business place, as many of Bangladesh's biggest companies have their head office there. For safety reasons, it's not always open to everyone, but it's a great spot to hang out, shop, and do other activities as well.

According to many people, Mohakhali DOHS is one of the most desirable places to live in Dhaka because it offers a unique mix of privacy, safety, and urban elegance. The Mohakhali DOHS is the perfect place to live because it is committed to providing its residents with a good quality of life, is located in a great area, and has a lot of great amenities.

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tick iconMohakhali DOHS is a well-planned, safe, and well-managed area with a clean environment.
tick iconThe area has a wide range of high-quality restaurants, unique shops, and full-service businesses to meet the wants of its wealthy residents.
tick iconIt is very easy to get to and from other places because the roads are well-planned and it is located near major city roads and public transportation hubs.
tick iconWith reputable schools and medical facilities nearby, Mohakhali DOHS puts the health and happiness of its residents first.

পরিচিত ল্যান্ডমার্ক সমূহ

  • International School Dhaka

  • One Bank Limited DOHS Branch

  • Bkash Limited

  • The Olive Bistro


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Mohakhali DOHS – Shyamoli
Mohakhali DOHS - Mohammadpur
Mohakhali DOHS - Tejgaon
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Tejgaon Rail Station

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tick iconMohakhali DOHS Latest Residential Project, a remarkable residential address by ABC Real Estate Ltd.

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tick iconMohakhali DOHS is a prime location that is connected to major highways and city roads of Dhaka.
tick iconDriving around Mohakhali DOHS is easy and quick thanks to its well-kept roads and key entry points. People can use these roads to get to the centre of Dhaka and other places.
tick iconWell-structured trafficking is another attraction of this place. Which is rare in Dhaka.
tick iconMohakhali DOHS offers a safe and peaceful residential area to the people who live here.
tick iconWith safety, this place has all the necessary services like, a shopping area, reputed educational institutions and healthcare centers.
tick iconFrom the very beginning, it is one of the most secure places in Dhaka.
tick iconMohakhali DOHS offers a great environment for growing children as well as senior citizens.

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tick iconResidential areas are a little expensive.
tick iconShopping is also sometimes costly.
tick iconThe number of trees and greenery should be increased.

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