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নারায়নগঞ্জ, ঢাকা

Narayanganj is a notable city and district of Bangladesh located in the central part of the country. It is the smallest district of Bangladesh. This district is located on the banks of Shitalaksha River and Meghna River about 20 km south-east from the capital Dhaka. Narayanganj is well known as the "Dandy of the East". A central place in Bangladesh. It became a district in 1994, before which it belonged to Dhaka district. The total area of ​​Narayanganj district is 264.23 Bardwan and about 39,03,138 people live here.

Narayanganj is one of the oldest industrial centers of Bangladesh. Narayanganj is making a notable contribution to the national economy especially through textile, garments and jute industries. Besides contributing to the strong industry of the city and the national economy of the country, the district is playing an important role in eliminating unemployment in the country by creating employment for thousands of people. It is a culturally significant place. Various religious festivals and cultural festivals are celebrated in the city every year. Stay local cuisine and food habits. This district is famous for delicious biryani and sweets.

Narayanganj has a significant historical place in the history of Bengal. Notable places among these are - Jamdani Palli Rupganj, Sonargaon, Panam Nagar, Muslim Manufacturing Factory etc. The economy of the village is mostly based on agriculture. According to Bangladesh Bank, the district ranks third in the country in terms of gross national income and wealth possession. Along with the development, the place is densely populated due to the large number of people living here and there is a mix of people from different castes, castes, religions and tribes living here.

The district has several educational institutions ranging from primary schools to colleges and vocational training centers. There are folk arts and crafts museums, historical buildings and various archaeological sites. There is an opportunity to enjoy the scenic beauty of the Shitalakshya river and river cruise. Also the riverside ghats play an important role for both commercial, communication and cultural functions.

The city is well connected by roads, railways and rivers. It serves as a major transit point for goods and passengers between Dhaka and Ananya region. In addition to all the developmental works, efforts are being made to improve the system to meet the needs of the people including transport, housing, entertainment, markets, hospitals, etc. to meet the residential needs.

As it is a densely populated and industrial area, problems like river pollution and air pollution are disrupting the balance of the environment. Overall, Narayanganj is a dynamic and vibrant city that blends its historical heritage with modern industrial development that is making significant cultural and economic contributions to the country.

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tick iconNarayanganj district, located just 20 km from Dhaka, is a developed and modern district which acts as a central point of the country.
tick iconDue to its economically strong position, it is quite a sought-after place. The communication system of Narayanganj with any part of the country is quite good.
tick iconPeople of different castes, religions, castes and professions live together here. Beside the urban hustle and bustle here is some beauty surrounded by picturesque surroundings.
tick iconIt is very easy to travel from here to any part of the country. Road and rail connectivity is very good. Within Narayanganj there are public transport such as bus, CNG, autorickshaw, rickshaw etc. as well as transport systems like ride share, Uber, Path
tick iconIt is an extra advantage for the people living here as it is located close to the city and within quick reach of markets, educational institutions, hospitals and industries.

পরিচিত ল্যান্ডমার্ক সমূহ

  • Panam Nagar

  • Baldha garden

  • Zinda Park

  • Banglar Taj Mahal

  • Sonargaon Folk Art and Craft Museum


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Dhaka - Narayanganj
Narayanganj - Brahmanbaria
Narayanganj - Narsingdi
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Narayanganj Railway Station
Chashara Railway Station
Fatullah Railway Station
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tick iconMetro rail-1 Narayanganj
tick iconUpgrading of Joydebpur-Debagram-Bhulta-Madanpur (Dhaka By-pass) Road (N-105) into 4 lanes

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tick iconRich in history-tradition and culture, this small district has all the amenities for living. The communication system is very good and it is very easy to travel from other districts of the country.
tick iconSeveral public transports like local buses, CNG, auto rickshaws and rickshaws are always available here. Private transport is also available.
tick iconIt is a place of employment for many people and different types of people live here. All kinds of facilities are here to fulfill the needs of all. Everything from educational institutions to entertainment centers.
tick iconRich, poor and middle class people live here. But compared to the people of many other districts of the country, the lifestyle of the people here is quite advanced and everyone has a friendly attitude.
tick iconNarayanganj is one of the busiest cities in the country. Here is the scenic beauty of Shitalaksha river and natural pleasant environment and is a little away from the city.

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tick iconThe environment here is not very aesthetic. Jams, noise pollution etc. persist.
tick iconAll goods and living costs are relatively high here. Being an industrial area, the surrounding environment is not suitable for living.
tick iconThe security system of Narayanganj is fair. However, the security system needs to be improved.
tick iconNoise pollution, soil pollution, river pollution etc. are wasting the time of the environment. The environment of this district will be threatened if steps are not taken soon to protect the environment.

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