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নরসিংদী, ঢাকা

Narsingdi is a district in central Bangladesh under Dhaka Division. Known for its rich history, vibrant culture and significant industrial contribution, the region plays an important role. It is located just 50 km north-east from Dhaka district. The Dhaka Sylhet highway connects Narsingdi with the capital and other major cities. Kishoreganj is situated in the north of this district, Brahmanbaria in the east, Narayanganj in the south and Gazipur in the west. Narsingdi is one of the important cities mainly for the garment industry. Numerous textile and handicraft factories are located here. Narsingdi district has an area of ​​1150.14 km and currently has a total population of 2,584,452.

The economic status of Narsingdi is mostly dependent on the garment industry. Also depends a lot on agriculture. Narsingdi in particular is famous for producing high quality bananas and litchis. It is one of the major industrial districts of Bangladesh for its textile and garment sector. There are numerous textile mills, dyeing and printing factories that contribute to the local and national economy. All these institutions have employment of numerous workers which are playing an important role in eliminating unemployment in the country. People come here from different parts of the country for livelihood. And they are living in harmony with each other. As a symbol of non-sectarianism, it is noteworthy that people of different races and religious communities live here. There are population variations.

There are various facilities for living here. There are educational institutions and various training centers. There are some good health centers and hospitals for treatment. There is also an adequate supply of gas, water and electricity.

The tradition and culture of Narsingdi is well developed. They have their own music, dance. There is also a touch of diversity in the cuisine. It has its own regional language and various cultural events are celebrated here every year. Narsingdi has several historical and archeological monuments, among which Uari Bateshwar is one of them. These monuments highlight the rich history and culture of Narsingdi district.

The communication system of Narsingdi is well developed. Narsingdi is well connected by road with other districts of Bangladesh including Dhaka. Besides, the communication system through rivers and railways is well developed which plays an equally important role for both passenger and goods use. The climate here is mostly tropical and subtropical. Some problems like river pollution, air pollution, traffic congestion and periodic floods are very prominent here which should be taken to prevent. Overall, Narsingdi is a vibrant district with a combination of agricultural productivity, industrial strength and cultural heritage.

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tick iconThis Narsingdi is located at a distance of only 50 km from Dhaka. It is an industrial major and a well developed city.
tick iconBeing close to Dhaka, Narsingdi offers several extra facilities. Due to Asim's good communication system, it is very easy to travel to any district of the country.
tick iconAs Narsingdi is an industrial area, the population is high and people from different places come here for employment. And they have the mindset of living comfortably which is really admirable.
tick iconNarsingdi is well connected. The river, road and rail communication system is well developed. They play an important role in the delivery of goods and passengers to any part of the country.
tick iconAll the products of Narsingdi are a bit expensive but they are very fresh and fresh. The cost of living here may seem a bit high to you.

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  • Heritage Resort

  • Parulia Masque

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Dhaka - Narsingdi
Narsingdi - Sylhet
Narsingdi - Ghorashal
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Narsingdi railway Station
Narsingdi Railway Station 2nd platform
Jinardi Railway Station
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tick iconNarsingdi Economic Zone
tick iconNarsingdi -Sylhet 4-lane national highway project

এখানে কি ভালো?

tick iconLiving in Narsingdi you will get quite a lot of facilities. Being close to Dhaka city, the facilities here will be much more. Also the employment opportunities here are quite good.
tick iconNarsingdi is very easy to reach from any part of the country by road, river and rail and has a good communication system.
tick iconSome of the best educational institutions in the country are located in Narsingdi. There are also advanced medical facilities and training centers. People here are very friendly and culturally and traditionally rich in Narsingdi.
tick iconSome of the archaeological and historical monuments of Narsingdi highlight its history and traditions. At present Narsingdi is a modern city and gradually it is developing more and more.
tick iconBeing a major industrial area, Narsingdi environment is somewhat polluted. However, if the exhaust system of mill factory is of good quality, it will be possible to prevent environmental pollution to some extent.

কোথায় উন্নয়ন প্রয়োজন?

tick iconBeing an industrial area, the problems of water pollution, river pollution, air pollution etc. have become prominent here which is not desirable.
tick iconAlso traffic congestion is high due to the relatively high population density and high number of industrial plants.
tick iconNarsingdi's security system is fairly good but needs to be strengthened. Since it is an industrial area, the arrangements should be better for safety.
tick iconThe Narsingdi environment is mixed with good and bad. However, the environment will improve if natural pollution can be prevented.

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