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agrabad commercial area

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Oxygen is a very important area in the busy city of Chattogram. It is famous for its location because it plays an important role in connecting different parts of the city. This area stands out as a busy hub that combines the comfort of homes with the energy of business activities. It's a key point for people trying to find their way through the city's changing rhythms.

The best thing about Oxygen is it combines a sense of community and connection so well that it has become the heart of the city. There are many types of homes in the area, so it can accommodate a wide range of people who are looking for the best of both city convenience and neighborhood comfort.

Oxygen is also famous for having numerous restaurants, markets and other important services that are all easily approachable. That is why it is the center of daily needs and fun activities.

Oxygen has a wonderful network of roads and is close to many public transit stops, which makes it very easy for people to get around. It is placed strategically so that important parts of Chattogram are only a short commute away.

Besides commercial and residential options, it has renowned healthcare centers and educational institutions. Oxygen is one of the most popular places to live and do business in Chattogram, even though it doesn't have as many large parks as other parts of the city. This is because it has lively streets, a wide range of services, and a great sense of community.

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tick iconOxygen is like a residential and commercial hub as it is located in a central area of the city.
tick iconThis area has lots of shops, restaurants and markets for daily necessities.
tick iconOxygen has exceptional road infrastructure and provides smooth transportation to ensure easy access to and from various parts of Chattogram.
tick iconWith access to renowned educational institutions and healthcare facilities, Oxygen stands out as the epitome of living.

পরিচিত ল্যান্ডমার্ক সমূহ

  • Oxygen Junction

  • Agrabad Commercial Area

  • Chittagong Foy's Lake


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Oxygen – Dhaka
Oxygen – Chattogram railway station
Oxygen – Khulna
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Bangladesh Railway Station, Chattogram- 9km

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tick iconOxygen ensures smooth accessibility from different city parts integration with the major routes. Bus services and other transportation are also easily available.
tick iconFrom local shops to international dining options this area provides a variety of facilities. banks, hospitals and reputed educational institutions are also easily accessible from this place.
tick iconEven though Oxygen is mostly known for its busy streets and commercial energy, the city is dedicated to making its urban setting better by providing green spaces and working to keep the environment clean and friendly. This helps make living in the city a

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tick iconWell-planned roads should be introduced
tick iconIncreases sound and dust pollution. Also some more greenery

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