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শাজাহানপুর, ঢাকা

Shajahanpur is a very well-known place in Dhaka, which is under the Dhaka East City Corporation. This place offers a perfect blend of residential areas with commercial diversity. The balance of residential and commercial vibe is what makes this place unique.

The most attractive thing about this area is its connectivity. It is connected to all the main parts of Dhaka. Also, the area has a lot of different types of housing, and both renters and buyers are drawn to it by its promise of city life with friendly neighbours. Traditional markets and modern comforts live together in this area, giving people a wide range of places to eat, shop, and get basic services all within walking distance.

Shajahanpur has very good transportation because its streets are well-planned and it's easy to get to major city routes, such as public transportation networks. Even though it doesn't have a direct Metro Rail link, its great position makes it easy for residents to get to any part of Dhaka.

There are also a lot of good schools and healthcare services in Shajahanpur, which is proud of its educational and healthcare systems. These organizations are important to the community because they provide great services and make it a smart and healthy place to live.

The only this that this area lacks are some greeneries and parks. Other than that, Shajahanpur is a popular place in Dhaka for people who want the conveniences of city life without giving up the spirit of community and connection.

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tick iconShajahanpur is well-known for its blend of residential and commercial establishments.
tick iconThe area offers a selection of fine dining options, super shops, and essential services, making it a convenient living place.
tick iconShajahanpur has excellent road connectivity, with easy access to major roads and public transportation, ensuring smooth commutes within and outside Dhaka.
tick iconHome to reputed schools and healthcare facilities, Shajahanpur offers top-notch educational and medical services.

পরিচিত ল্যান্ডমার্ক সমূহ

  • Bangladesh Railway Headquarters

  • Rajdhani High School

  • Shajahanpur Rail Gate

  • Shajahanpur Market

  • Mughal's Dine


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Shajahanpur – Shyamoli
Shajahanpur - Mohammadpur
Shajahanpur - Banasree
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Kamlapur Railway Station

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tick iconWith easily accessible transport options from various parts of the city, it shows great connectivity.
tick iconAs this area is connected to the major roads of Dhaka so communication of this area is also remarkable.
tick iconShajahanpur has many useful things, like a variety of places to eat, shopping malls, and easy access to important places like hospitals and banks.
tick iconWith well-known medical facilities and reputable schools and colleges, Shajahanpur is a great place for families and workers alike.

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tick iconWell-planned traffic system.
tick iconSome neighbourhood of Shajahanpur has some safety and security issues, such as CCTV cameras is not installed, etc.
tick iconIncreases sound and dust pollution.

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