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পাবনা, রাজশাহী

Pabna is an important and pleasant district located northwest of the Rajshahi Division of Bangladesh. It is known for its rich history, cultural heritage, and lively economy. Since the Padma and Jamuna River basin is located, agriculture and fish have become the main economic center of the region. This district is also beautiful in terms of natural beauty.

It is bound by Natore and Sirajganj districts on the north, Rajbari and Kushia districts on the south, Manikganj districts on the east, and Kushtia and Rajshahi districts on the west. Ishwardi Junction, and Hardinge Bridge, are the historic establishments of this district. Also, Ishwardi has made significant contributions to the economy of Bangladesh through the export processing zone, textile, pharmaceuticals, and food processing.

Pabna district is known for its handloom and textile industry, especially for sarees and lungi. The main crops include rice, jute, sugarcane, and various vegetables. The district is also known for dairy cultivation and milk production. The region has several small and medium-sized industries, including textile, pharmaceuticals, and food processing. Pabna Sugar Mills is one of the most prominent industrial companies in the region.

This district was an important region during the rule of the Maurya, Gupta, and Pala dynasties. This area was known for its blue garden in the British colonial era. There are advanced educational institutions like Pabna University of Science and Technology, Edward College, and Cadet College. There are also advanced healthcare institutions like Pabna Medical College Hospital and Mental Hospital.

From this district, roads, railways, and boats can be contacted across the country. Bus routes from Pabna are connecting to major cities and towns across the country. It is also a pilgrimage place for tourists, a unique glimpse of the natural beauty and a unique glimpse of the rural environment. The biggest problem in this district is flood and river erosion. There is also a need for further development in infrastructure, healthcare, and education to improve the quality of life. Pabna is safe for tourists. The people of this district are overwhelmed by religion.

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tick iconPabna is crisscrossed by several rivers, including Padma, and Jamuna. These rivers play a crucial role in the district's agriculture, transportation, and overall ecology.
tick iconPabna experiences a tropical monsoon climate. Chalan Bill is one of the largest wetlands in Bangladesh.
tick iconPabna district is situated in the central-western part of Bangladesh, bordered by the districts of Natore, Sirajganj, Manikganj, and Kushtia. The main rivers of this district include Padma, Jamuna, and Ichamati.
tick iconIshwardi Upazila is known for the Ishwardi EPZ (Export Processing Zone) and important rail junction. Chatmohar Upazila is notable for its traditional handloom industries and historical sites.
tick iconAgriculture is the backbone of Pabna's economy. The fertile alluvial soil deposited by the rivers is ideal for cultivating rice, jute, sugarcane, pulses, and various fruits and vegetables. This district is famous for the production of milk and various typ
tick iconPabna Sugar Mills is one of the most prominent industrial companies in the region. The district is also known for its small-scale industries, including textile manufacturing, particularly handloom weaving, and food processing. The Pabna Edible Oil Mills a
tick iconPabna has two major railway stations, Pabna Railway Station and Ishwardi Railway Station. The N6 highway runs through Pabna, connecting it to Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh, and other important districts.
tick iconThe district has an extensive network of local roads, enhancing intra-district connectivity. Hardinge Bridge is an iconic railway bridge over the Padma River, connecting Pabna with Kushtia, and a marvel of early 20th-century engineering.
tick iconThe district celebrates various cultural and religious festivals, reflecting the diverse traditions of its inhabitants. Major religious festivals include Eid-ul-Fitr, Eid-ul-Adha for Muslims, Durga Puja, and Kali Puja for Hindus. Folk music, including Bau
tick iconPabna is known for its traditional crafts, including pottery, weaving, and embroidery. The region’s artisans produce beautiful nakshi kantha (embroidered quilts), which are highly valued.
tick iconThe region was part of the ancient Pundra Kingdom, inhabited by the Pundra people. It later became part of the Maurya and Gupta Empires. In the 14th century, it became part of the Bengal Sultanate.
tick iconIn the 16th century, Pabna was incorporated into the Mughal Empire. Under Mughal rule, the region prospered, with significant developments in agriculture and trade.

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  • Pabna Edward College

  • Hardinge Bridge

  • Chalan Beel

  • Tarash Rajbari

  • Pabna Cadet College


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Pabna – Dhaka
Pabna – Rajshahi
Pabna – Bagura/Rangpur
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Pabna Railway Station
Ishwardi Railway Station

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tick iconPabna Irrigation and Rural Development Project.
tick iconUpgrades to the railway infrastructure.
tick iconConstruction of Large Bridges on Upazila and Union Roads Project.
tick iconGreater Pabna & Bogura District Rural Infrastructure Development Project.
tick iconFlood & Disaster Damaged Rural Road Infrastructure Rehabilitation Project.

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tick iconThe N5 highway, a part of the Asian Highway Network, passes through Pabna, connecting it to Dhaka, and other major cities like Rajshahi and Khulna. Additionally, the district is connected to nearby districts like Sirajganj, Natore, and Naogaon via road ne
tick iconPabna Railway Station, located in the heart of the district, provides train services connecting it to major cities and towns across Bangladesh, including Dhaka, Chittagong, and Rajshahi.
tick iconPabna is known for its fertile lands and agricultural activities, with farming being a primary occupation for many residents. Being situated along the Padma River, the lifestyle often revolves around river activities like fishing, boat rides, and riversid
tick iconPabna has hospitals, clinics, and healthcare centers to cater to the medical needs of its residents. The district is well-connected by road and rail networks.
tick iconPabna offers educational facilities ranging from primary schools to higher education institutions. There are markets and shopping centers where residents can purchase daily necessities and goods. Parks, playgrounds, and recreational facilities offer oppor
tick iconThe local police patrol the streets; respond to emergencies, and work to prevent crime through community engagement and proactive measures.
tick iconWell-maintained roads, lighting, and public spaces contribute to the overall safety of the district. Schools, community centers, and government initiatives play a vital role in spreading awareness and promoting safety practices.
tick iconPabna is situated on the bank of the Padma River. The monsoon season, from June to September, brings heavy rainfall, vital for the region's agriculture.
tick iconThe district is renowned for its jute production, earning it the title of the "Jute Capital of Bangladesh."

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tick iconImproving and maintaining the district's road network is critical for ensuring efficient transportation of products and people. This includes rebuilding existing roads and installing suitable drainage systems to reduce the impact of floods during monsoon
tick iconImplementing appropriate traffic management systems, such as traffic signals, road signage, and designated parking spots, can help to regulate traffic flow and improve road safety in the area.
tick iconFocus on enhancing road networks, bridges, and public transportation to improve connectivity within the district and to neighboring regions. Special attention should be given to remote areas to provide basic medical services.
tick iconImprove access to clean water and sanitation facilities to address health concerns and improve living conditions.
tick iconAnalyzing crime data to identify trends and hotspots can help pinpoint areas where law enforcement needs to focus its efforts.
tick iconStrengthening community-police relations can foster trust and cooperation, leading to better crime prevention and resolution.
tick iconThe district is prone to seasonal flooding, which can disrupt agriculture, displace communities, and damage infrastructure.
tick iconIndustrial activities, agricultural runoff, and improper waste management contribute to water and soil pollution, affecting both human health and the environment.

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