Edison Prospero roof area
Edison Prospero apartment
Edison Prospero front view

Edison Prospero

By EDISON Real Estate

মোট ইউনিট

14 Floors, 72 Units

ইউনিট সাইজ

1,920 - 4,450 sqft

প্রোজেক্ট অবস্থা


প্রাইস রেঞ্জ

BDT 700k - 50m

EDISON PROSPERO, a monumental addition to the urban skyline, is a testament to the architectural prowess that complements the essence and climate of Bangladesh. This mammoth structure is not just a building; it is a poetic expression of living, seamlessly blending luxury with practicality. Located on a generous 30 Katha plot, the development is perfectly positioned with three open sides (North, South, and East), providing extensive natural light and ventilation, which are essential in the tropical setting of Bangladesh.

With an impressive 50-foot front road offering easy access, EDISON PROSPERO rises to 15 levels, including a basement and ground floor. The building hosts 72 apartments, varying in size from 1920 to 4450 square feet, catering to a range of lifestyle needs and preferences. The large windows and spacious balconies of each apartment ensure that residents can enjoy panoramic views and the beauty of their urban surroundings.

The project promises ample parking with 75 spaces available, slightly more than the number of apartments, ensuring convenience for residents and their guests. Set for handover in May 2026, EDISON PROSPERO is designed to be a living space that offers not just a home but an experience, integrating all aspects of luxury living within a beautifully designed architectural framework.

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tick iconOffering a diverse range of apartment sizes from 1920 to 4450 square feet, EDISON PROSPERO is designed to accommodate various family sizes and preferences, providing ample room for comfortable and luxurious living.
tick iconWith apartments open on three sides (North, South, and East), the design maximizes natural light and air circulation, enhancing both the aesthetic and the environmental sustainability of the building.
tick iconWith 75 parking spaces, the development ensures easy access and availability for all residents, addressing one of the crucial needs of urban living.
tick iconThe 50-foot front road not only facilitates easy access to the building but also enhances the connectivity to major city points, enriching the living experience with convenience.
tick iconEDISON PROSPERO is a symbol of architectural beauty and functionality, designed to be in harmony with the local climate and cultural context, making it a landmark of modern living in Bangladesh.

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edison real estate
EDISON Real Estate
কত বছরের অভিজ্ঞতা

EDISON Real Estate, a subsidiary of the renowned EDISON Group, stands as a beacon of innovation and excellence in Bangladesh's dynamic real estate sector. Established in 2015, EDISON Real Estate swiftly ascended to prominence with its commitment to merging value and innovation in every aspect of its operations.

Driven by a dream team dedicated to crafting unparalleled living experiences, EDISON Real Estate focuses on infusing biophilic and elegant design, modern amenities, cutting-edge technologies, and best-in-class materials into its projects. The company prioritizes total quality control and timely execution to ensure customer satisfaction and trust.

At the heart of EDISON Real Estate's philosophy lies a dedication to maximizing customer value. The company goes beyond mere square footage, offering sumptuous amenities that elevate residents' living standards to new heights. By developing projects on owned land, EDISON Real Estate ensures optimum value for luxury, enabling customers to celebrate life to the fullest in their dream homes.

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