jbs camellia apartment's exterior view
jbs camellia apartment's left side view
jbs camellia apartment's front view
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JBS Camellia

By JBS Holdings Ltd

মোট ইউনিট

8 Floors, 8 Units

ইউনিট সাইজ

1,000 - 2,400 sqft

প্রোজেক্ট অবস্থা


প্রাইস রেঞ্জ

BDT 700k - 50m
JBS Camellia is a luxurious and modern residential project located in Bashundhara R/A, Dhaka. The project spans 7.5 katha and features a 9-storied building with spacious apartments designed to provide a royal and classic living experience. Each apartment includes 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, living, dining, kitchen, 3 verandahs, and a servant bath. The project promises a cozy sanctuary for relaxing dwellers and serves as a great starting point for exploring the diverse surroundings of the city.
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সুযোগ সুবিধা

Air Conditioned
CCTV Security
Fire Detection & Safety
Gated Security
Parking Space
Power Backup
Roof Top
Waste Disposal


tick iconStrategic Location: Located in Bashundhara R/A, JBS Camellia offers convenient access to the city's major areas, providing residents with a perfect balance of tranquility and urban accessibility.
tick iconLuxurious Design: Each apartment within JBS Camellia is crafted with attention to detail, featuring modern amenities and luxurious finishes that cater to the desires of those seeking sophistication and comfort.
tick iconCommunity-Focused Amenities: The project includes features like community spaces and BBQ zones, fostering a sense of community and providing areas for relaxation and social gatherings.
tick iconGreen Spaces: Emphasizing sustainability and aesthetics, JBS Camellia incorporates greenery throughout its premises, enhancing the visual appeal and providing a healthier living environment.
tick iconComprehensive Security and Facilities: Equipped with modern safety features, including a sophisticated security system, the project ensures a safe and secure environment for all residents.

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jbs holdings ltd
JBS Holdings Ltd
কত বছরের অভিজ্ঞতা
JBS Holding Ltd. is a pioneering company in the real estate sector, significantly contributing to national infrastructure development. Specializing in real estate, infrastructure, and condominium ventures, we partner with Japanese experts to deliver high-quality projects in prime locations in Dhaka. Our commitment to innovation, integrity, and customer satisfaction ensures the best investment opportunities and personalized services. All our developments comply with the Bangladesh National Building Code, ensuring safety and excellence in every project.
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গড় মূল্য (বিগত ১২ মাসের)
Tk. 9,662.75 sqft
বিগত ১২ মাসের বৃদ্ধি
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