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Sirajganj, Rajshahi

Sirajganj District is in Bangladesh's North Bengal area, specifically the Rajshahi Division. It serves as an important financial district in Bangladesh. Sirajganj is Bangladesh's 25th biggest district by land and 9th largest by population. It is referred to as the entrance to North Bengal.

It is bounded on the north by Bogra District & Natore District; on the west side by Natore District and Pabna District; on the southeast by Pabna District and Manikganj District; as well as the east by Manikganj District, Tangail District, and Jamalpur District.

Sirajganj District in Rajshahi Division possesses an area of approximately 2,497.92 square kilometers (964.45 square miles). The major rivers include Jamuna, Baral, Ichamati, Karatoya, Phuljor, and Hurasagor. The yearly average temperature ranges from 11.9 °C to 34.6 °C. The yearly rainfall total is 1,610 millimeters (63 inches).

Sirajganj District's communication system is excellent. It has Bangladesh's most major highway and railway system, which connects all of North Bengal and a portion of South Bengal to the rest of the nation. The district's excellent transportation system makes it very easy to navigate. It has the second biggest bridge, the Jamuna Bridge, as well as Bangladesh's largest railway bridge. Sirajganj District is particularly noted for its river ports.

The region is home to two universities: Rabindra University, which was founded in 2017, and Khwaja Yunus Ali University, which opened in 2012.

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City Insights

tick iconSirajganj is one of the most developed districts in Bangladesh.
tick iconIt consists of a number of rivers.
tick iconLiving in this district is not so expensive and very much affordable.
tick iconYou can travel to Sirajganj from Dhaka and a number of other nearby districts.
tick iconPeople from diverse backgrounds live in this district. So it offers a very harmonious environment.

Known Landmarks

  • Akbar Ali College Shahid Minar

  • Kana Pukur

  • Manushmura Cemetery

  • Kuchiamara Kendrio Shahid Minar

  • Kamarkhand Upazila Memorial


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Bus Routes

Sirajganj - Gabtoli
Sirajganj - Sherpur
Sirajganj - Chatmohor
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Nearest Train Stations

Bhangura Railway Station
Chatmohar Railway Station

New Developments

tick iconConstruction is booming in the Sirajganj Economic Zone, the country's largest commercial economic hub, with investors hoping to begin production early next year, reviving the region's economy.
tick iconConstruction on the long-awaited Bogra-Sirajganj direct rail link is likely to begin by the end of this year, with the land acquisition process well underway.

What’s great here?

tick iconMany people are drawn to this location because of its tranquil beauty and cleanliness. And the entire place is quite picturesque.
tick iconThe area of Sirajganj offers an environment of very low-pollution.
tick iconThe roads of this district are quite good offering quick and easy transportations from one part to the other part of the district.
tick iconThere are some commercial areas in this district as well that offer literally everything you need.
tick iconThere are also enough hotels, restaurants,shopping malls and hospitals in the main area of Sirajganj.
tick iconThe crime rate of Sirajganj is very low, so there are no safety concerns here.

What needs attention?

tick iconThe roads need to be more developed to boost the district’s economy.
tick iconThis district is often a subject of power-outages.
tick iconThe number of police stations should be increased.
tick iconThe district is going through major developments, so the green areas of this district are decreasing rapidly.

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Safety & Security4.5 out of 5
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