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Gazipur, Dhaka

Gazipur is one of the districts of Dhaka division. As it is located near Dhaka, it is vibrant on one side and has various amenities on the other side. It is a wonderful combination of natural attractions, cultural places and bustling markets. The area of ​​Gazipur is 1741.53 km and the current population is about 5263450. Gazipur has Mymensingh and Kishoreganj districts to the north, Dhaka Narayanganj and Narsingdi districts to the south, Narsingdi to the east and Dhaka and Tangail districts to the west.

Established in 1984, this district has now become Gazipur City Corporation. It consists of several upazilas including Gazipur Sadar, Kaliakair, Kapasia, Sreepur and Kaliganj. Due to its administrative importance, the district is currently elevated to the City Corporation. District city is constantly crowded with people for administrative work. Located just 25 km north of Dhaka district, this district has emerged as a very developed and important place in the country.

Gazipur is a major industrial center of Bangladesh, with numerous textile, garment and pharmaceutical factories. Industrial growth is contributing significantly to the development of the area, providing employment opportunities, eliminating unemployment and improving the standard of living of the people here which is truly commendable. At the same time, people of different religions are living together here, representing secularism. Gazipur is home to Bishwa Ijtema, the second largest annual Muslim gathering in the world.

The distriect the historical depth of this place. It is the home district of the first prime minister of Bangladesh, Tajuddin Ahmed. From agricultural research centers to universities etc. educational institutions are here. Apart from these, there are vibrant markets such as Gazipur Town Market, Bhawal Rajbari Market and other markets in Jaleti. Where a variety of fresh produce to handicrafts are available at your fingertips. There is adequate water and electricity supply. There are road and rail systems for transportation. Various types of public transport including buses, trains are easily available here which provides easy access from the district.

Gazipur has an equable and temperate climate. They have their own regional language, food habits and philosophy. Due to the unplanned construction of factories and buildings, traffic jams and various problems persist. Overall, Gazipur's mix of historical importance, industrial growth, educational excellence and natural beauty has made it a unique and dynamic region within Bangladesh which is a source of great joy for us.

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City Insights

tick iconGazipur is a district bearing the significance of tradition and culture which is now an example of a developed district.
tick iconLocated very close to Dhaka, Gazipur district has a distinct importance across the country. From here you can easily travel to any district of Bangladesh.
tick iconThis district is a symbol of secularism where people of all religions are living comfortably. Along with the urban environment, there is a combination of natural environments.
tick iconBoth road and train transportation systems are well developed here. Here you can use all types of public transport and also have the facility of using private transport.
tick iconMarkets, educational institutes, hospitals etc. are close to the city so communication is possible quickly.

Known Landmarks

  • Nuhash Polli

  • Bangabandhu Safari Park

  • Bhawal Rajbari

  • Bangabandhu Hi-Tech City

  • Green View Golf Resort

  • St Nicholas Tolentino Church

  • Bhawal National Park

  • Sultanpur Dargapara Shahi Mosque


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Bus Routes

Dhaka - Gazipur
Gazipur - Savar
Gazipur - Mymensingh
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Nearest Train Stations

Joydebpur Junction Railway station
Bangabandhu Hi-Tech City Railway station
Tangi Junction Railway station
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New Developments

tick iconPurbachal New Town Project
tick iconRoad version and 6 lane road is in progress.

What’s great here?

tick iconBeing a central district in the city, it has all kinds of advanced and modern facilities. Besides, being close to Dhaka, the transportation system is quite good to all districts of the country including the capital. Both road and rail are quite satisfac
tick iconBuses, autos, rickshaws, CNG, etc. are widely used transfer modes here. There are also transport modes that provide extra convenience like rideshare, Uber and Pathao.
tick iconHere you will find the country's best educational institutes, universities, heritage and cultural places etc. This place has a lot of people living in it which is why it is a bit densely populated.
tick iconThis district has a tradition of hundreds of years and also has numerous memories of the liberation war. The standard of living of the people is good here and there are many employment opportunities due to the number of factories.
tick iconAlong with the city environment, there is a touch of peaceful natural environment here. Although Dhaka district is nearby, the environment here is quite better than Dhaka.
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tick iconThis district has a tradition of hundreds of years and also has numerous memories of the liberation war. The standard of living of the people is good here and there are many employment opportunities due to the number of factories.

What needs attention?

tick iconEmployment is high here, many people live, so there are long jams on the roads.
tick iconAll the products are a bit more expensive and the cost of living here is quite good. Again to understand the environment can be observed around the industrial area.
tick iconSecurity measures are not enough here. Security measures need to be strengthened. However, the security system in the protected areas is quite good.
tick iconEnvironmental pollution is less than Dhaka. However, proper disposal of waste materials from factories must be arranged, otherwise problems like water pollution, soil pollution, air pollution and noise pollution will become more prominent.

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Safety & Security3.5 out of 5
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Environment3.5 out of 5

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