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Rajbari, Dhaka

Curled up at the bank of the Padma River, Rajbari District stands with a rich tapestry of culture that is entwined with the history of Bengal. Not only Padma River, if you visit Rajbari, you will be welcomed by Hori, Gorai, and Chandona Rivers as well. Located at a distance of 150 Kilometers from Dhaka, Rajbari has been attracting tourists and would-be-residents, making it essential to check out the Rajbari area guide.

Rajbari is a part of the Dhaka division and was declared a district in 1984. However, its existence predates the emergence of Bangladesh. It was established in the 18th century and named after King Surja Kumar, Jaminder of the Lakkhikol estate.

Modern Rajbari is comprised of five sub-districts, three Pourashava, and 42 unions. The district surrounds an area of approximately 1,118.8 sq. km and currently nurtures around 1,049,778 people.

The economy of Rajbari rests primarily on agriculture. Due to its fertile alluvial lands, rice farming has always brought profit and interest. Fishing is also a big part of its economy. Moreover, Rajbari has outshone other districts in jute production. Sugar, onion, garlic, and other root vegetables are also abundant here.

After the inauguration of Padma Bridge, the intercommunication system in Rajbari has shifted its dynamics. The distance duration has been depleted and curtained in short. The bridge connected the city with Dhaka and the northern part of Bangladesh. This connection has elevated the trade and commerce in the area.

As the distance grew smaller, Rajbari became a spot for recreation and day-long for the people of Dhaka. As the district is replete with historical and cultural landmarks, many local and foreign tourists choose Rajbari as their part of exploring beautiful Bangladesh. Moreover, the trade and business prospects attract more people as residents of Rajbari.

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City Insights

tick iconRajbari is situated at the cradle of the Padma River and a district of Dhaka division.
tick iconThe agro-based economy chiefly produces rice, jute, and other root vegetables. Fisheries is also a big chain of resources.
tick iconThe breeze from numerous rivers concocted with abundant greeneries has bestowed an impeccable environmental sensation on the localities.
tick iconThanks to the Padma River, the distance and duration from Dhaka and other northern routes to Rajbari have been significantly reduced. The railway line has taken communication to the next level.
tick iconRajbari became a part of Faridpur in 1811. Finally, it was proclaimed as a district in 1984.

Known Landmarks

  • Mir Mosharraf Hossain Memorial Museum

  • Kuthi Pachuria Zamindar Bari

  • Kalyan Dighi

  • Barbakpur Zamindar Bari


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Bus Routes

Boro pool - New Station
Boro pool - Rajbari Paribahan Malik Shamity bus stop
Boro pool - Kamaldia
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Nearest Train Stations

Rajbari Railway Station

New Developments

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What’s great here?

tick iconThe Padma bridge and railway along the way are a great boon to Rajbari's economy and lifestyle.
tick iconThe highway passing along Rajbari is very critical in connecting the northern and southern parts of Bangladesh.
tick iconThe fertile and prolific lands are amazing for agriculture. Thus, the rural lifestyle is mainly circled by agriculture.
tick iconMany industries and manufacturing companies have settled their base at the edge of Rivers in Rajbari.
tick iconRajbari is a serene and peaceful area with little to no violence.
tick iconThe lush greeneries and blue rivers draw the perfect scenery of “Beautiful Bangladesh.”

What needs attention?

tick iconMany roads and streets are way past their rebuilding age. They are narrow and bumpy, sometimes causing traffic in crowded areas.
tick iconSudden invasions of foreign goods and products are threatening the local cultures and traditions. Without proper attention and care, some traditions are on the verge of diminishing.
tick iconReckless auto-rickshaws and Tomtoms often create road accidents.
tick iconUnplanned and unregulated industries mushrooming at the bank of several rivers are slowly threatening the lives and biodiversity of Rajbari.

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