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Tangail, Dhaka

Tangail is a district located in the central region of Bangladesh under the Dhaka division. This district was established in 1969. Tangail district has an area of ​​3,414.28 square kilometers and the present population is about 4,037,608. It is one of the cities of Bangladesh located 83 km northwest of the capital Dhaka. Jamalpur district to the north, Dhaka and Manikganj districts to the south, Mymensingh and Gazipur to the east and Sirajganj district to the west. Madhupur has an immense collection of natural beauty including forest and hilly areas. The district has some of its own culture and traditions, notably the weaving industry and the weaving of sarees. Basically the district is known for its rich cultural heritage, vibrant history and significant contribution to the country's economy and society.

The economy of Tangail is mainly based on agriculture. Major crops include paddy, jute, wheat, sugarcane and various vegetables. Tangail excels especially in jute production. Tangail is equally famous for its traditional weaving industry. Apart from agriculture and weaving, Tangail has emerging industries like textiles, ceramics and food processing. There is employment for many people. Here people from different districts come for work who live together in harmony. Here different types of people and people of different races are living together as independently as themselves.

There are all kinds of accommodation facilities here. From public and private schools to universities. There are advanced government and private hospitals. The district has its own traditions and culture. Notable among these are the Karu art and the Tangail saree. Also has its own food habits and cuisine. Tangail sweets are very popular with people all over Bangladesh.

Since the district is well connected by road and highway network, the transportation system from Dhaka to all over Bangladesh is very convenient. Along with roads, there are railways and rivers which play a useful and important role in communication systems and any supply of trade. Tangail has one of the Bangabandhu Bridges which connects North Bengal with Dhaka.

Tangail district has a tropical monsoon climate. Naturally, Tangail has been playing an important role in the socio-economic landscape of the country with its diverse population, numerous educational institutions and an unmatched combination of historical and natural attractions. Its well-connected transport network adds to its importance, making it an important and dynamic region of Bangladesh.

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City Insights

tick iconTangail is a district full of socio-economic natural beauty with its own traditions and culture. Tangail district is currently developing more industrially.
tick iconSince Tangail is located at a distance of only 83 km from Dhaka, it also has all kinds of good facilities. It is very easy to reach Tangail from any part of the country due to the good road system.
tick iconPeople from different districts come here for employment. People of different races, religions and castes live here in a friendly manner which is admirable.
tick iconAs the road system of Tangail is well connected, the transportation system is quite developed by road. There are also railways and rivers which play an important role in the delivery of various goods apart from the means of communication.
tick iconThe environment of Tangail is suitable for living with the combination of markets, educational institutions, hospitals, traditional places and Madhupur Gar.

Known Landmarks

  • Atia Masjid

  • Dhanbari Masque

  • Hemnagar Zaminderbari

  • Madhupur Gor

  • Maulana Bhashani Science and Technology University


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Bus Routes

Dhaka - Tangail
Tangail - Elenga
Tangail - Mymensingh
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Nearest Train Stations

Mohera Railway station
Tangail Railway station
Mirza Railway station
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New Developments

tick iconDouble Lane Duel Gage Bangabandhu Railway Bridge
tick iconTangail Rangpur Highway

What’s great here?

tick iconTangail being a city centric district has all kinds of facilities here. Everything from modern development, industrial system to natural beauty is present here. The communication system of this place is very good from any part of the country.
tick iconThere are facilities to use public transport like local bus, rickshaw, autorickshaw, CNG, Uber, Pathao and ride share. Private transport is available. There are also good quality roads, railways and rivers for communication outside the district.
tick iconIt has all kinds of facilities for accommodation such as educational institutions, hospitals, markets, universities, natural beauty and heritage cultural places.
tick iconThe district is rich in tradition and culture. This district has a history of thousands of years. Even among these prison people, their culture emerges beautifully. People here are very friendly which is very necessary for living.
tick iconThe environment of the city is close to Nayak but much better than Dhaka. On the one hand there is the urban environment and on the other hand there is equally the natural environment. This is a beautiful combination.

What needs attention?

tick iconSince Tangail is quite a busy city, the roads here are quite jammed. Especially in the morning and afternoon.
tick iconAll products may seem a bit overpriced. And the cost of living is somewhat higher.
tick iconTangail's security system is tight. But should be more aware and increase security measures.
tick iconThe environment of Tangail is much better than any other district but currently there is a lot of environmental pollution. Which is important to prevent.

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