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Bogura, Rajshahi

Bogra is an important industrial and commercial city located in Rajshahi Division in northern Bangladesh. The significance of this district is very high in all aspects of agriculture, economy, communication, and education. It is also known for its rich history and cultural heritage. Mahasthangarh in Bogra is one of the oldest archaeological sites in the world.

Bogra is famous for curd, kattakti (sweets) and ghee. It also produces large quantities of rice, potatoes, vegetables, and jute, and is supplied throughout the country. The region is often called the "Granary of Bengal" due to its fertile land and abundant agricultural production. Satmatha, Banani Bazar, and New Market areas of Bogra have many public and private hospitals, shopping malls, supershops, eateries, and electronics stores.

Bogra's economy is diverse. Along with cement, bricks, sand, construction materials, textiles, and handicrafts are gradually developing. According to a recent survey, the district has a large number of small to medium enterprises (SMEs) that contribute to the local and national economy.

The city is well-connected to the rest of the country by road and rail. The railway network connects Bogra to major cities including Dhaka, Rajshahi, and Rangpur. The N5 highway connects the city with Dhaka, Tangail, Gazipur, and the northern districts. Currently, the city has undergone several infrastructural developments, including transportation, improvement of Highway Road 6 to 8 lanes, improvement of healthcare and public services, improving the quality of life of its residents, etc. Bogra is often referred to as the "Gateway to North Bengal".

Bogra is an attractive place for tourists. Mahasthangarh, Gokul Medh, and Vasu Vihar are ancient archaeological sites here. Also, the Kherua Mosque and the Nawab Palace are fine architectural examples built during the Mughal period. The people of this region are very hospitable.

There are advanced educational institutions like Bogra District School, Bogra Government Girls High School, Bogra Cantonment Public School and College, Government Azizul Haque College, Shaheed Ziaur Rahman Medical College, and Bogra Polytechnic Institute. In Bogra, you will find a variety of accommodation options ranging from standard to 5-star. Hotel Naz Garden, Hotel Siesta, Parjatan Motel, Momo-Inn, etc. are famous hotels here.

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City Insights

tick iconBogura is located on the banks of the River Karatoya. Lush greenery, agricultural areas, and small bodies of water surround the city. Bogura's abundant soil makes it a major agricultural hub in Bangladesh. Rice paddies, jute, mango orchards, and other cro
tick iconBogura is situated on the western bank of the Karatoya River. Joypurhat and Gaibandha districts are on the North side of Bogura. Sirajganj and Rangpur districts are in the East. Natore and Pabna districts are in the South. And Naogaon and Rajshahi distric
tick iconThe economy of Bogura is predominantly agricultural, with rice, potatoes, and vegetables being major crops. The city is a commercial hub in the region, with a bustling marketplace and trade activities. It has a growing industrial base, including textiles,
tick iconBogura is well-connected by road, lying on the intersection of several major highways, including the Dhaka-Bogura-Rangpur Highway. Frequent bus services operate between Bogura and other major cities like Dhaka, Rajshahi, and Chittagong.
tick iconThe city has some railway stations that connect it to other parts of the country, facilitating the movement of goods and passengers.
tick iconBaul Songs and Jatra are very popular in this city. Baul songs reflect the region’s spiritual heritage. Jatra is a traditional form of folk theater that combines music, dance, and drama.
tick iconBogura was part of the ancient Pundravardhana kingdom, which was one of the sixteen Mahajanapadas (great kingdoms) of ancient India. During the Mughal period, Bogura remained an important administrative center.
tick iconBogra is named after Nasiruddin Bughra Khan, the Governor of Bengal from 1279 to 1282 and the son of Delhi Sultan Ghiyasuddin Balban.

Known Landmarks

  • Kherua Mosque

  • Mahasthangarh

  • Mohammad Ali Palace Museum and Park (Nawab Palace)

  • Vasu Bihar

  • Momo Inn


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Bus Routes

Bogura - Dhaka/Tangail/Gazipur
Bogura - Rajshahi/Naogaon
Bogura - Khulna/Joshor
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Nearest Train Stations

Bogura Railway Station
Santahar Junction railway station

New Developments

tick iconUpazila Freedom Fighter Complex Construction Construction Project.
tick iconRural roads, bridges/culverts, and other infrastructure development projects (IRBNWRC).
tick iconAccommodation for construction of landless and non-residential freedom fighters.
tick iconLong Bridge Construction Project (LBC) on Upazila and Union Road.
tick iconGreater Pabna Bogura Rural Infrastructure Development Project (GPBRIDP).
tick iconBogura-Sirajganj railway track construction.

What’s great here?

tick iconBogura serves as a transportation hub in northern Bangladesh. It's well-connected by road, rail, and air.
tick iconOver the years, the infrastructure in Bogura has been improving, with efforts to enhance road networks, develop public transportation systems, and upgrade existing facilities.
tick iconThe roads and railways are well-connected. However, during peak hours, you will face traffic jams on the main streets.
tick iconBogura has a lot of hospitals and healthcare institutions, so locals have access to medical care. The city includes several shopping malls, marketplaces, and entertainment venues where locals may buy, eat, and relax.
tick iconBogura residents are well-known for their hospitality and kindness, which can help visitors feel safe.
tick iconBogura normally has a visible police presence, which helps to reduce crime and assures prompt reaction to any incidents.
tick iconBogura has access to emergency services such as hospitals, fire stations, and ambulances, ensuring prompt aid in case of an emergency.
tick iconBogura is known as the "Granary of Bengal" because of its fertile soil and extensive agricultural operations.
tick iconThis district is a significant producer of rice, vegetables, and other crops. The beautiful green paddy fields that sweep over the landscape provide a tranquil and picturesque scene.

What needs attention?

tick iconToo many battery-powered auto rickshaws. Need to implement effective traffic management strategies.
tick iconNeed to develop parks, playgrounds, and recreational facilities. And need to implement effective waste management systems.
tick iconNeed to install CCTV cameras in strategic locations. Need to launch campaigns to raise awareness about safety practices, such as fire safety, road safety, and crime prevention tips.
tick iconGiven the agricultural activities in Bogura, water pollution from chemical fertilizers and pesticides could be a significant concern. The city area has a severe air pollution problem.

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