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Cantonment, Dhaka

Dhaka Cantonment is located in the northern part of Dhaka. Bangladesh Army and Air Force Headquarters are located within this cantonment. The Cantonment is located at the north-eastern edge of Dhaka city. Area of ​​Dhaka Cantonment is 1788.98 acres. The said place is under the jurisdiction of Dhaka Metropolitan. Postal code of Dhaka Cantonment is 1206.

About 61249 people live here making it a lively and fairly densely populated area. The place is particularly known for the headquarters of the Army and Air Force and is a matter of great importance to our country. The scenic beauty of Dhaka cantonment interior, disciplined life, long wide empty roads which you will not see anywhere else in Dhaka, cleanliness, rules and orderly traffic system will impress you. It is like a place completely different from Dhaka even within Dhaka. There is a residence for mostly retired officers, where other civilians can live as tenants or more recently own/lease. Basically the cantonment area is under the jurisdiction of the army and is mostly used for their activities. The ambiance here is so wonderful that it will catch your eye. There is nothing that is necessary in the daily life of man that is not available here. Rather, the people of this cantonment get maximum facilities. It seems like it's a different world to go there.

There is also a harmony of elegant building structures and vegetation. Banani is very close to here. The site originally housed various military facilities, including barracks, training centers, administrative offices and residential areas for military personnel and their families. You will also find shopping malls, educational institutions and quality hospitals in the area.

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City Insights

tick iconCantonments are mainly military areas.
tick iconThe place is mainly known for its military headquarters, educational institutions, high-quality hospitals, and shopping malls.
tick iconAs it is significant for military activities, all the military activities of the country are conducted through this place which keeps the military activities of the entire country running.
tick iconThe Cantonment is developing as an important military and commercial center which is contributing significantly to Dhaka's modern identity.
tick iconThe area offers a mix of residential and commercial spaces, catering to a variety of lifestyles.

Known Landmarks

  • Army Headquarters

  • Air Force Headquarters

  • Naval Headquarters

  • Dhaka Cantonment Girls School and College

  • Combined Military Hospital

  • Adamjee Cantonment Public School

  • Bangladesh University of Professionals


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Bus Routes

Cantonment - Banani
Cantonment - Mirpur 10
Cantonment - Baridhara
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Nearest Train Stations

Banani railway station
Dhaka Cantonment railway station

New Developments

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What’s great here?

tick iconWith a diverse population and vibrant military cultural scene, the cantonment has been nurturing a sense of belonging and community.
tick iconThe security system here is so strong that there is no question about security here. Apart from this, security measures like CCTV cameras and personal guards are implemented to ensure people's peace.
tick iconThe central location of the place and connectivity to other parts of Dhaka makes the cantonment easily accessible, facilitating travel and travel.
tick iconThe cantonment has well-developed infrastructure including roads, utilities and facilities which are improving the quality of life of its residents with various amenities.
tick iconThe cantonment caters to multiple needs and preferences, offering a range of amenities including military quarters, headquarters of various forces, shopping malls, restaurants, improved roads, higher educational institutions and advanced health care facil

What needs attention?

tick iconPublic transportation facilities.
tick iconAffordable housing.
tick iconPublic access is restricted. Strict rules and regulations have to be followed.
tick iconVegetation is relatively less.

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Environment4.5 out of 5

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