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Zinda Bazar is one of the busiest places in Sylhet, teeming with markets, shops, and buyers and sellers bargaining and negotiating to get the best deal for their products. The unparalleled vibrance of the place makes it a haven for shopaholics. Per the Zinda Bazar area guide, the bazaar features all types of shops and stores selling everything you need. Be it clothing, electronic devices, or traveling souvenirs, you will find them all. It also has grocery shops for the locals. The labyrinthine alleys will greet you with traditional handicrafts, while other stores sell high-end imported products from different countries. However, the marketplace and malls are not the only things that make Zinda Bazar unique. What makes it more popular is its two restaurants in Jallarpar, Panch Bhai and Panshi, which are famously known all over the country. Moreover, the place has other restaurants offering quality food. A remarkable point to note about these restaurants' food is they are quite affordable. If you want local delicacies, the street foods will satisfy your palate with scrumptious Sylheti flavors. For buffet lovers, East Zinda Bazar has multiple buffet restaurants for lunch and dinner. Touring the area and savoring the delicious food afterward is the perfect way to enjoy a trip here. Speaking of trips, when visiting Zinda Bazar, do not forget to visit the Hason Raja Museum and learn about the Raja Family’s rich history. Lastly, Zinda Bazar generates the highest revenue for Sylhet, acting as the district's most prominent business hub while empowering its economic condition. Yet, it could have had more potential had it not been for the unplanned development in the area, which created residences within and surrounding it.

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tick iconZinda Bazar is mostly a commercial area full of the rush of business.
tick iconLocated in the central part of Sylhet, it provides easy transportation.
tick iconIt does not have as much greenery as other areas of Sylhet.
tick iconThe restaurants highlight the original Sylheti cuisine, a great place to explore for foodies.
tick iconThe roads of the place act as Sylhet's key circulation spine.


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Zinda Bazar - Sylhet Sadar
Zindabazar - Hazrat Shahjalal Road
Kumarpara Road - Zindabazar
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Sylhet Railway Goods Loading & Unloading Sites Station
Kazanche Gow Railway Station
Afzalabad Railway Station

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tick iconIt is a 20-story high-rise commercial establishment compliant with international standards. It aims to be a multipurpose complex for markets, offices, and restaurants.

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tick iconZinda Bazar is positioned very conveniently and enables accessible transportation anywhere.
tick iconRickshaw is the most common mode of transportation. Local bus services are available, too.
tick iconBesides numerous malls and shops, there are many restaurants and a few educational institutions. So the area is almost always crowded.
tick iconAlthough Zinda Bazar is partly a residential area, the lack of proper planning makes it unlikely a well-suited place to live.
tick iconEnvironment-wise, it is more about trade than trees.

কোথায় উন্নয়ন প্রয়োজন?

tick iconLack of parking facilities and proper traffic management cause illegal parking and heavy traffic jams.
tick iconDespite many facilities, the residential areas suffer from poor planning. Also, the need for more recreational opportunities is visible here.
tick iconThe extreme noise and air pollution put the health of locals at risk.
tick iconThe never-ending rush displays an environment that never gets to taste the other side of life - serenity and peacefulness.

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