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When it comes to important locations in Sylhet, one cannot ignore the importance of the Mira Bazar area. That is why it is essential to learn about the Mira Bazar area guide and what it offers.

Though there is no data on its geographical land area, Mira Bazar is a vast location and part of several ward areas of Sylhet City Corporation. It has the Tamabil Road in the middle, which is connected to the Dhaka-Sylhet Highway and is one of the busiest roads in Sylhet. These roads offer a wider range of transportation and communication facilities.

There are several other smaller roads, such as the Mira Bazar Road, East Mirabazar Road, Mirabazar-Noyapara Road, Mirabazar-Subhani Ghat Road, Mirabazar-Kharpara Road, Darjiban Mosque Road, etc. Mission Square is the main point of the city, and it is one of the busiest routes in the area.

There are several bus stops in Mira Bazar. The bus routes connect Mira Bazar to Sobhanighat Point, Airport Road, Zindabazar, Uposhohor, Dhaka, Sunamganj, etc. Most of the roads in the area are developed, making all types of rides comfortable.

Mira Bazar is more of a residential area than a commercial one. Most of the land area in Mira Bazar is filled with small and big housing with rents of various price ranges. There are also several residential hotels, such as Hotel Mira, Garden, Hotel Supreme, The Grand Mafi, and Hotel Jahan, that offer various facilities along with private parking for travelers.

Other than these, there are several educational institutions, mosques, temples, health complexes, beauty and fitness centers, a community center, etc. Though there aren’t any big shopping malls in the area, the Kumarpara Complex is the nearest shopping mall for Mira Bazar dwellers.

Overall, Mira Bazar is an excellent choice for people who want to stay in a comparatively less crowded and noisy neighborhood at an affordable price with access to various amenities.

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tick iconMira Bazar is located near Tamabil Road and Dhaka-Sylhet Highway and is a part of multiple ward areas of Sylhet City Corporation.
tick iconIt is mostly a residential location with many types of housing and residential hotels.
tick iconThe area is suitable for people of different backgrounds and purposes and offers access to many amenities.
tick iconThe Tamabil Road and Dhaka-Sylhet Highway are two of the major roads in the area that offer convenient transportation facilities.

পরিচিত ল্যান্ডমার্ক সমূহ

  • Tamabil Road

  • Hotel Mira Garden

  • Hotel Supreme

  • Dada Pir Majar

  • Ramakrishna Mission Ashram

  • Aagpara Jame Masjid

  • Chondanitula Jame Masjid

  • The Agra Community Centre


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Mira Bazar - Sobhani Ghat Point
Mira Bazar - Airport Road
Mira Bazar - Zindabazar
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tick iconThe construction of a multi-storied modern apartment complex is to begin soon in Agpara, Mira Bazar.

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tick iconThe major transports in the area are rickshaws, CNGs, motorbikes, etc.
tick iconThere are several important bus stations that connect the area to other parts of Sylhet and other districts.
tick iconIt is mostly a residential area with affordable housing.
tick iconThe area also offers access to amenities, as it has several fitness and beauty centers, a convention hall, several residential hotels, etc.
tick iconLiving in Mira Bazar is safe, and the area has a low crime rate.
tick iconIt offers an excellent suburban environment, with adequate greeneries and a good living condition.

কোথায় উন্নয়ন প্রয়োজন?

tick iconDue to having circle points and various roads, people often suffer from heavy traffic conditions.
tick iconThe area needs a modern shopping complex and recreational facilities.
tick iconDue to having highways and other roads, dust and dirt cause pollution in the area.

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