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চরপাড়া, ময়মনসিংহ

Chorpara is one of the most famous places in Greater District Mymensingh. It is a bustling center of Mymensingh that captures the dynamic life of Mymensingh. Charpara is located in the northern part of Mymensingh district which is situated on the banks of Brahmaputra river. Its distance from Mymensingh zero point is 2.8 km.

Located in Mymensingh, this place is well known for factories, markets and business services. There is also a combination of schools, colleges, hospitals, nearby Mymensingh railway station, religious harmony, entertainment places, heritage monuments etc. This place will help you to know about the bustling picture of Mymensingh and the history of Mymensingh. The place is quite densely populated and there are various shopping malls, shops, markets on both sides of the road which are able to supply your essential needs.

Electricity and water supply are adequate. The place is essentially a vibrant hub of Mymensingh with a mix of residential and commercial areas. The beauty of the natural environment around the area, the beauty of the river will fascinate you and give you a beautiful life.

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tick iconChorpara is a populous and busy business center which makes it a commercial area.
tick iconThe road connectivity here is well known, the bazaar is a good place to sell all kinds of products including markets.
tick iconThe place is a focal point for the communication activities of Mymensingh with surrounding districts including Mymensingh.
tick iconChorpara place carries the culture of Mymensingh and its busyness highlights the dynamic life of Mymensingh.
tick iconThe area has a mix of residential and commercial areas which are very important for the lifestyle of different people.


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বাস রুট

Dhaka - Mymensingh Highway
Chorpara Road - Chan Miah Road
Chorpara Road - Notun Bazar Road
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কাছাকাছি রেলস্টেশন

Mymensingh Railway Station

নতুন উন্নয়ন

tick iconThe dual gauge double line rail link system is about to be launched which will further improve the transport connectivity between Mymensingh and other districts.

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tick iconChorpara place and its surrounding area has an infrastructure of cost of living, education, medical, recreation, security and religious harmony which is very convenient and safe for the residents.
tick iconThe place is close to shopping malls, garment industries, markets, bus stands, schools-colleges, hospitals and the nearest railway Mymensingh railway station so the standard of living here is very good.
tick iconMymensingh's diversity, secularism, culture, tradition, spirit of freedom etc. will attract you. The place will interest you to know about the history of Mymensingh.
tick iconThe place is very close to the district headquarters and the security system here is very good.

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tick iconCharpara Mor Road is in poor condition and needs to be repaired
tick iconTraffic system is not controlled

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