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ganginar par mosjid
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ganginar par mosjid

গাঙ্গিনার পাড়, ময়মনসিংহ

Ganginar Par is the heart of Mymensingh city which is known as the lifeline of Mymensingh city. Ganginar Par place belongs to the municipality of Mymensingh district. This Gangina Par located in Mymensingh is a popular garment industry and listed under business services. The place is one of the busiest and commercial areas of Mymensingh. It is a bustling place rich in shops, markets, shopping for all products, educational institutions, nearby hospitals, religious harmony and religious institutions, surrounded by security by the district administration etc. This place portrays a busy image of Mymensingh. Everyday people from different places throng here for business and shopping malls. The place is densely populated. Various types of shops have been built here on both sides of the road where many people are getting employment opportunities.

Gas, electricity and water supply are adequate. The place is essentially a vibrant hub of Mymensingh offering a mix of shopping, living and working spaces. From the modern shopping malls to the bustling life here, Mymensingh reflects the fast-paced city life. There is also an educational environment with private universities and nearby universities.

The place being the headquarters of Mymensingh will help you to understand the culture, diversity and heritage of Mymensingh.

Overall, the place offers a dynamic mix of apparel industry, trade, education system, culture and a diverse lifestyle of Mymensingh which makes it a hub of Mymensingh district city. This place is famous for everything from sightseeing to shopping for products. People from far and wide come here for business purposes, the place represents the heritage of Mymensingh before them.

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tick iconGanginar Par is a vibrant, populated, well-connected and industrial and commercial area.
tick iconHere the road communication is well-known, hotels-restaurants, bazaars, markets and all kinds of products are well-known.
tick iconThe place is a center of communication activities of Mymensingh with surrounding districts including Mymensingh.
tick iconGanginar Par represents the bustling dynamism of Mymensingh that characterizes modern Mymensingh
tick iconThe area offers a mix of residential and commercial spaces, catering to a variety of lifestyles.


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Mymensingh - Dhaka Highway
Ganginar Par Road - J.C. Guho Road
Ram Babu Road - Ganginar Par Road
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Mymensingh Railway Station

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tick iconThe dual gauge double line rail link system is about to be launched which will further improve the transport connectivity between Mymensingh and other districts. And the cities within the cities that are inferior are going to start working on the new ver

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tick iconGanginar Par place and its surrounding area with utility facilities, education and medical infrastructures are very convenient and modern for the residents.
tick iconIts central location and connectivity to other districts including Mymensingh further improves commuting and quality of life.
tick iconThe location is close to shopping malls, garment industries, factories, hospitals, schools, colleges, haat bazaar, Mymensingh railway station and bus terminal so unique essentials are at your fingertips.
tick iconMymensingh's diversity, secularism, culture, tradition, independent spirit etc. will attract you. The place will help you get attracted to Mymensingh with its diversity.
tick iconBeing under the jurisdiction of the district headquarters and city corporation, the place is expected to have good security. The security of this place has been strengthened under the responsibility of the district administration.

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tick iconPublic transportation should be more available

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