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ভালুকা, ময়মনসিংহ

Bhaluka is one of the upazilas under Mymensingh district and the first model police station in Bangladesh. Bhaluka is one of the basic industrial city of Bangladesh. Baluka is called the door of Mymensingh. Rajendrapur cantonment (Gazipur) and Mauna Chowrasta (Sripur) on the Dhaka-Mymensingh highway via Sripur about 70 kilometers after Bhaluka upazila. The area of ​​Bhaluka Upazila is 444.05 square kilometers. This Bhaluka Upazila consists of one municipality and ten unions. The entire administrative activities of this upazila are under the purview of Bhaluka police station.

According to current data, bears are home to about 15 lakh people. Baluka has become a sophisticated place for its business expansion and introduction. This Bhaluka Upazila is making a big contribution in the industrial sector, agricultural sector, fishery sector, etc. Khiru River flows past Baluka Bazar. The natural environment is also very beautiful in this place which will impress you. This place is rich with modern quality educational institutions, medical services, security systems, etc.

Usually, it is a combination of a commercial area and a residential area. The place is a bit crowded. You can experience the heritage, culture, and secularism of Mymensingh through this place. A citizen living here can enjoy all kinds of facilities for a good life.

Overall, the place is a combination of the garment industry, basic industry, agriculture sector, industrial activities, etc. Here you can get all arrangements from medical to education. The dynamic quality of life here will impress you. You can live here with peace of mind as the security system is very strong. As the place is called the Door of Mymensingh, the place will present you with the lifestyle, traditions, and culture of Mymensingh.

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tick iconBhaluka is a vibrant, populous, well-connected, well-connected, industrial and commercial area.
tick iconRoad connectivity is well known here, there are also industrial sectors, basic industries, crocodile farming, markets and contacts for selling various products.
tick iconThe place is a key hub for the communication activities of Mymensingh with surrounding districts including Mymensingh.
tick iconBhaluka introduced Mymensingh to the people of Bangladesh with its own identity.
tick iconThe area offers a mix of residential and commercial spaces that cater to a variety of lifestyles.


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Mymensingh - Dhaka Highway
Bhaluka - Gogorgaon Road
Bhaluka - Shakhipur Road
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tick iconBhaluka and its surrounding area have a good infrastructure of utility facilities, education, and medical security which is very convenient and modern for the residents.
tick iconThe place has shopping malls, garment industries, basic industries, various types of factories, hospitals, good quality schools, colleges, haat bazaar, Bhaluka bus stop, etc. All the amenities are at your fingertips which is very convenient for the reside
tick iconMymensingh's diversity, secularism, culture, traditions etc. will attract you. Bhaluka place will play an important role in introducing you to Mymensingh district.
tick iconIts central location and connectivity to other districts, including Mymensingh, further improves commuting and quality of life.
tick iconThe entire Bhaluka Upazila is under the jurisdiction of the Bhaluka Thana District Administration, so the security system here is quite good and it ensures the standard of living of the people.

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