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লামা বাজার, সিলেট

Lama Bazaar is located in Sylhet, a major city in the North Eastern region of Bangladesh. Especially, located within the city or part of Sylhet division. The area is a pleasant place centrally located. The present day Lama Bazaar has become the commercial and residential center of Sylhet city. Lamabazar is a well-known locality located in the city of Sylhet, Bangladesh.

Lamabazar is located in the heart of Sylhet city. The area is well connected by major roads and public transport which offers excellent connectivity. Lama Bazaar is famous for its vibrant bazaar. A good trading center for all types of small and big traders. Lama Bazaar also offers a wide range of products including shops, clothing, electronics, groceries and household items. There are several successful large business centers and official offices that play an important role in Sylhet's economic sector and generate numerous jobs.

Lama Bazaar is another combination of residential and commercial hub. There are residential buildings, traditional houses and numerous apartments. Also the place has become attractive to people for its strategic location. Here are all the necessary facilities for residents like banks, hospitals, clinics and pharmacies that ensure a comfortable living environment.

There are several reputed educational institutes in and around Lama Bazar that provide quality education to students from primary to higher secondary level. Apart from education, the medical services here are also very advanced and one can expect good treatment on an emergency basis.

Parks, cinema theaters and other entertainment centers are here which are good for the leisure of the people here. Various cultural and religious events are celebrated here together. It has its own culture and diversity of regional languages ​​and cuisines. Here the spirit of harmony is very evident, people live here together irrespective of religion, caste.

Lama Bazar has contributed to the improvement of infrastructure, road conditions and public amenities along with other significant developments. Also ongoing and upcoming projects are improving the quality of life of people here and increasing commercial efficiency. Besides, the transport system is also very good and good for easy communication.

Being a busy commercial area, Lama Bazaar often faces traffic jams. While rapid urbanization has some challenges in maintaining infrastructure and sustainable development, it is moving forward.

Overall, Lama Bazaar is an important part of Sylhet which reflects the city's economic dynamism and cultural richness. Its central location and wide range of amenities make it an important hub for both residents and visitors.

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tick iconLama Bazar is an important area of ​​the city of Sylhet located in the northeastern region of Bangladesh. Today it has developed into a commercial and residential center that is modern and full of taste.
tick iconLama Bazaar is located in the heart of Sylhet city. It has become a bustling and central hub for various activities. It is very easily reachable as the networking system is quite good.
tick iconAs it is a combination of commercial and residential areas, many people come here for employment and they treat each other cordially and live in a friendly manner. Also the natural environment here is quite good.
tick iconHere you can use local buses, rickshaws, autorickshaws, CNG etc. for local transportation. There are also ride sharing arrangements. There is the facility of using private transport.
tick icont is a preferred location for those who want to be in the heart of convenience, accessibility and commercial activity.

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  • Lama Bazar

  • Lama Bazar Jame Masjid

  • Lama Bazar Police Fari

  • Sylhet District Stadium

  • New Gentle Park

  • Madan Mohan College


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tick iconNo new developments have been made here.

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tick iconLama Bazar has natural beauty and the weather is quite good. Although the place is in the heart of the city, it has a serene atmosphere which is commendable.
tick iconDifferent types of people live together here and there are employment opportunities for them. Good transportation is also one of the attractive factors of the place.
tick iconAlong with education, medical, transportation, entertainment, some other advanced living arrangements are available for the people here which are able to meet all the needs of a family living.
tick iconThe standard of living of people here is quite standard. Being a central area in the city, people get better living conditions here. The place has economic development benefits as it works as a commercial herb.
tick iconThe natural environment here is quite good and the weather here is tolerable.

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tick iconTraffic jams, air pollution and environmental pollution occur in this area. Traffic jams are observed especially in the morning and evening.
tick iconThis place may not be ideal for those who prefer a quieter and less congested lifestyle.
tick iconSecurity measures should be strengthened in all cases.
tick iconThe atmosphere of Lama Bazaar in Sylhet is lively and full of noise. Besides, commercial areas cause water pollution, river pollution and environment pollution which is not desirable.

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