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Beanibazar, Sylhet

Beanibazar is a significant upazila located in the Sylhet district of North Eastern part of Bangladesh. It is known for its cultural heritage, natural beauty and vibrant community life. This upazila is located about 25 km southeast of Sylhet city. Biyanibazar became an upazila in 1983. It has a total area of ​​553.24 km and a population of about 253,616. To its west is Golapganj Upazila, to the north is Kanighat Upazila, to the east is Zakiganj Upazila and the Indian state of Assam and to the south is Baralekha Upazila. It is a very important upazila of Sylhet. The area has pleasant surroundings, green fields, tea gardens and small rivers. The terrain is mostly flat with some hilly areas.

The economy of Beanibazar is dependent on agriculture. The fertile land here supports the cultivation of rice, tea, fruits and vegetables. Besides, tea plantations contribute significantly to the local and national economy. A lot of expatriate remittances come here, which is a major reason for the prosperity of the economy, especially from the United States and the United States.

Beanibazar has several educational institutions, including primary and secondary schools, which provide quality education to local students. There are also several good colleges and madrasas. Apart from education, there are good medical facilities here. These include various healthcare facilities including public and private hospitals, clinics and diagnostic centers.

The transport system of Beanibazar is also very good. The place is well connected by road network with Sylhet city and unique neighboring upazilas. As public transport, autorickshaws, rickshaws and local buses serve as the primary means of transport within the upazila. Also ongoing infrastructure projects aim to improve road conditions, public amenities and overall connectivity.

The richness of tradition and culture here is reminiscent of the richness of Sylhet. Traditional music, routines and festivals are an integral part of community life. Baul music and traditional Sylhet songs are popular in the region. The upazila also has numerous mosques, temples and other religious places that reflect the religious diversity and harmony of the area.

Beanibazar is known for its natural beauty including tea gardens, rivers and green fields. This landscape attracts visitors for its serene atmosphere.

Like many growing areas, Biyanibazar also faces challenges related to urbanization such as infrastructure development and environmental sustainability.

Overall, Beanibazar is a vibrant and culturally rich upazila of Sylhet that offers a blend of natural beauty, economic opportunities and community life. Its strategic location, diverse population and ongoing development projects make it a significant area of ​​Sylhet Division. Although there are various challenges, the development potential of Beanibazar is also sufficient.

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City Insights

tick iconBeanibazar Upazila is located about 25 km southeast of Sylhet city. Although it is an upazila of Sylhet, all the necessary facilities for living here are close at hand.
tick iconBeanibazar is an important upazila of Sylhet which is enriching Sylhet with its economy, culture and manpower. And the strategic location is also very good in Biyani Bazar. From here you can easily reach any part of Sylhet and even outside Sylhet.
tick iconPeople of Beanibazar are simple. Their lifestyle is also quite simple and they like to be cooperative with each other. Any new people coming here are able to adapt themselves. Which is pleasant and desirable for the residents here.
tick iconHere you can use local buses, rickshaws, autorickshaws, CNG etc. for local transportation. There are also ride sharing arrangements. There is the facility of using private transport.
tick iconHere the price of goods will be within your reach, in some cases it may seem high. Although it is consistent with its service.

Known Landmarks

  • Malik Mahal

  • Sutarkandi Land Port

  • Beanibazar Government College

  • Banigram Shahi Eidgah

  • Beanibazar Upazila Masjid

  • Beanibazar central Jame Masjid


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Bus Routes

Sylhet Sadar - Beanibazar
Beanibazar - Hazibari
Beanibazar - Kholagram
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Nearest Train Stations

Sylhet Railway Station

New Developments

tick iconNo new developments have been made here.

What’s great here?

tick iconThe natural beauty of the Beanibazar place is more mesmerizing and the climate here is suitable. Also the place is quite livable.
tick iconDifferent types of people live here. And because of the strategic location of the place the communication system here is very good. From here you can easily travel across the country by road, air and rail.
tick iconAlong with unique day-to-day facilities, the education, medical and transportation facilities here are quite good. Which is very convenient for the residents here.
tick iconThe standard of living here is very good. Apart from meeting all the daily needs, there are employment opportunities for people of various professions. Commercial and residential areas come together making it a very important place for Sylhet.
tick iconThe natural environment here is quite good and the weather here is tolerable.

What needs attention?

tick iconTraffic jams, air pollution and environmental pollution occur in this area. Traffic jams are observed especially in the morning and evening.
tick iconThe standard of living in Sylhet is quite good and the price of goods here is a bit high.
tick iconSecurity measures should be strengthened in all cases.
tick iconThe environment of Beanibazar is good but due to the presence of gaseous substances and fertilizer factories, the environment is getting slightly polluted.

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