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Tilagor, Sylhet

Tilagor is considered a suitable place to live in Sylhet due to its wide range of amenities, strategic location and pleasant environment. Tilagor is located within the Sylhet metropolitan area, northeast of the city center. It is also well connected to unique parts of Sylhet through the road network. The area is characterized by its rolling hills, greenery and natural beauty typical of the Sylhet region. The terrain of this place is slightly higher than that of the city. Srilekha offers a variety of attractive options including modern apartment complexes, individual homes and gated communities. The area is also known for its peaceful and family friendly atmosphere. Originally made ideal for families, professionals and students.

A variety of local businesses and small enterprises contribute to Tilagarh's economic vibrancy. There are job opportunities in education, healthcare and unique sectors. The area is also attractive for real estate investment and business ventures due to its strategic location and growing infrastructure. Also, during the paddy harvesting season, laborers come from different parts of the country for agricultural work. Overall Tilagarh contributes to a mixed economy and people of different castes, religions, castes and tribes live together and maintain a bond of harmony that is one of the virtues of its residents.

Tilagor is also very advanced in terms of education and health services. There are several reputed schools in and around Tilagor, which provide quality education from primary to secondary level. Shahjalal University of Science and Technology is one of the top public universities in Tilagore in Bangladesh. On the other hand, there are various health care facilities including hospitals and clinics providing general and specialized medical services. And since Sylhet Sadar is located very close from here, it is very easy to travel if you want to get any advanced services.

Like the economy, education and healthcare, the transport system here is also well developed. Local buses, rickshaws, autorickshaws, CNG and ride sharing are available as means of local communication. And a good road network ensures smooth transportation with other parts of Sylhet city. Also from here it is very convenient to travel around the country including the districts around Sylhet. In addition to road communication, there are communication systems through air and rail.

Tilagor is rich in history and tradition. Culturally, it is one of Sylhet's courtyards. They have their own regional language and diversity of cuisine. Which will impress others.

Basically, all the essentials for living are available here. There are selected electricity and good water supply systems. Internet connectivity and waste disposal facilities are also quite good. There are various facilities and places for entertainment. Tilagor Eco Park is a notable recreational spot. Also the beauty of the natural environment here attracts people. A design surrounded by greenery brings tranquility to the eyes of people. Besides, the security system here is also very good.

Overall, Tilagor is a lively and well-equipped area of ​​Sylhet area. Its strategic location, extensive facilities, peaceful environment and continuous development are contributing to this. Although the area faces several challenges of natural calamities and urbanization, the region's growth and improvement in quality of life is a bright prospect for its residents.

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City Insights

tick iconTilagor is located within the metropolitan area of ​​Sylhet city and is located in the northeastern part of the city center. Sylhet being a city center place is quite modern and getting better which is pleasant for its residents
tick iconTilagor is located within the Sylhet metropolitan area so its development trend is very rich. And its position and economy are playing an important role for the city of Sylhet. It continues to thrive as it is well connected by road from Sylhet Sadar to th
tick iconSylhet's traditional culture and practical aspects of people are more or less known to every person in Bangladesh. People here are very friendly, religious and like to maintain harmony. Which is pleasant for the people living here and attracts others to l
tick iconThe communication system of the place is quite good as the local people use local buses, rickshaws, autorickshaws, CNG and ride sharing as means of communication. And air, rail and road means are used for communication between surrounding districts and re
tick iconThe cost of living here may seem high to you, but considering the economy and the overall aspect, it seems tolerable. But if you want to live here, it will be more convenient to adapt to the environment here.

Known Landmarks

  • Shahjalal Science and Technology University

  • Tilagor Eco Park

  • Tilagor Point

  • Tilagor Resort

  • Tilagor Reserve Forest

  • MC Government College Tilagor


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Bus Routes

Sylhet Sadar - Tilagor
Tilagor - Chamelibagh
Tilagor - Zindabazar
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Nearest Train Stations

Sylhet Railway Station

New Developments

tick iconNo new developments have been made here.

What’s great here?

tick iconTilagor is a unique area of ​​natural beauty. Here you will get a good environment as well as all kinds of facilities. Everything a resident needs.
tick iconHere people of different religions, castes, castes and tribes live together and maintain harmony. Which is capable of creating a kind of social bond.
tick iconAlong with unique day-to-day facilities, the education, medical and transportation facilities here are quite good. Which is very convenient for the residents here.
tick iconThe standard of living here is very good. Apart from meeting all the daily needs, there are employment opportunities for people of various professions. Commercial and residential areas come together making it a very important place for Sylhet.
tick iconThe natural beauty and climate here can give a person both mental and physical peace. Here you will find everything from fresh air to an entertainment center.

What needs attention?

tick iconTraffic jams, air pollution and environmental pollution occur in this area. Traffic jams are observed especially in the morning and evening.
tick iconThe standard of living in Sylhet is quite good but the price of goods here is a bit high.
tick iconSecurity measures should be strengthened in all cases.
tick iconThe environment of Tilagor is good but due to the presence of gaseous substances and fertilizer factories, the environment is getting slightly polluted.

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Safety & Security3.5 out of 5
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Environment3.5 out of 5

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