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Golapganj, Sylhet

Golapganj is an upazila located in Sylhet district of Sylhet division of Bangladesh. Golapganj Upazila has been developed with small hills, plains and Hawar rich areas on the banks of Surma and Kushiara rivers. It has an area of ​​107.46 square miles and a population of about 316,149. Beanibazar upazila is located in the east, Surma upazila in the west, Sylhet Sadar in the north and Fenchuganj upazila in the south. Basically, this upazila is located in the north-eastern part of Sylhet division of Bangladesh. The economy of Golapganj is mainly based on agriculture. Rice, tea and betel are the main agricultural products here. On the other hand, remittances from abroad, especially from the UK, contribute significantly to the local economy. Also, this upazila has several well-known markets such as - Golapganj Bazar, Dhaka South Bazar, Bhadeshwar Bazar and Achir Ganj Bazar. Various businesses have developed around these markets which have enriched the economy of this upazila.

Along with all the other facilities for living, the image of the natural environment here attracts people greatly, among which the tea garden is the main attraction. The place has a rich cultural heritage influenced by its historical context and patterns of migration. Several old mosques, temples and colonial period buildings reflect the historical significance of Golapganj.

There are several educational institutions here from primary schools to colleges. There is Upazila Health Complex for treatment. Although the place is predominantly Muslim, there are Hindus and people of other religions and castes living in harmony. The environment here has become more beautiful due to the harmony with each other.

Along with water, electricity and gas supply, the transport system here is also very good. Transportation in Golapganj includes road and river transportation. The upazila is connected to Sylhet city and unique surrounding areas by road. Along with the supply of goods, river routes also facilitate the movement of people in rural areas.

Like many rural areas in Bangladesh, Golapganj also faces challenges. There is a need for infrastructure development, especially transport and health services. Quality education and employment opportunities need to be increased. Also, necessary steps should be taken to prevent natural calamities like floods.

Overall, Golapganj is a unique blend of natural beauty, cultural beauty and economic diversity. However, it has some developmental challenges. However, its strong sense of community and significant contribution from foreign remittances provide a promising path for future growth and development.

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City Insights

tick iconGolapganj is one of the upazilas of Sylhet district. Currently there are several development works here which have made the place quite developed and quite functional for living.
tick iconBeing close to Sylhet headquarters, it is easy to get all the necessary goods here. It is also well connected to Sylhet city and surrounding districts.
tick iconGolapganj is mainly an agricultural dependent area. People of different religions, castes and castes live here. The identity of non-communalism can be found here. People here are very friendly and hospitable.
tick iconThe transport system of Golapganj is quite good. Road connectivity is good and there is also river transport for goods and people.
tick iconGolapganj is an agricultural area and there are several markets where all the daily necessities are easily available. They are refreshing and fresh.

Known Landmarks

  • Kailash Tila

  • Dewan Bridge

  • Alveena Garden

  • Chan Mia Pineapple Garden

  • Dreamland Park


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Bus Routes

Golapganj - Sylhet Sadar
Golapganj - Rajaganj
Golapganj - kanishail
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Nearest Train Stations

No nearest railway station.

New Developments

tick iconVarious infrastructural developments are being made.
tick icon New roads are being constructed.

What’s great here?

tick iconAll types of living facilities in Golapganj are quite good. The best part is that you can live here in a natural and pleasant environment.
tick iconIt takes very little time to go from Golapganj to Sylhet city and it is easy to reach anywhere in the country due to good road connectivity. Along with the road system, the river system is also very good.
tick iconThere are several places of interest here for education, treatment as well as entertainment. Due to the traditional importance of the place, the culture here is also quite advanced.
tick iconPeople here are very simple. Everyone likes to be together. Also the place is currently quite developed and getting more developed.
tick iconThe natural beauty of Golapganj is endless. This place has a natural beauty with green paddy fields, tea plantations, small hills and plains. The environment here has become more refreshing due to the river flowing on one side.

What needs attention?

tick iconAs Golapganj is an agricultural upazila based area, there may not be much infrastructural development here.
tick iconThere may be some problems with transportation. Traveling long distances may seem a bit difficult due to lack of rail connectivity.
tick iconThe security system of Golapganj upazila is fairly good. As it is under the jurisdiction of the nearest police station, it is necessary to strengthen the security system here.
tick iconThe natural beauty of Golapganj is endless. But every year there is a lot of damage due to floods. Along with unique infrastructure development important steps should be taken to prevent floods here.

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