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আনোয়ারা, চট্টগ্রাম

The Anwara Upazila is located 24 kilometers opposite the Chattogram Metropolitan City, southeast of the Karnaphuli River and the coast of the Bay of Bengal. The Upazila is bounded by Patiya Upazila, Bashkhali Upazila, Chandanaish Upazila, Chattogram Port, and the Bay of Bengal. This shows how important the Anwara area guide is!

Anwara was formed as a Thana in 1876. However, in 1983, it was established as an Upazila. Now, it has 11 unions, 80 mouzas, 81 villages, and 99 wards. The land area of Anwara Upazila is 164.13 square kilometers, and the current population is over 2,59,000.

The Anwara Upazila’s locations near the riverside areas have been established as industrial zones with many export processing zones and factories. These include the Korean Export Processing Zone (KEPZ), China Export Processing Zone (CEPZ), Chittagong Urea Fertilizer Limited (CUFL), Karnaphuli Fertilizer Company Ltd (KAFCO), etc.

The construction of the Bangabandhu Tunnel has connected Anwara and other locations and established business routes that have positively affected the country’s economy. Anwara is also another important route of travel or transport of goods to Cox’s Bazar and the port area connected by the Shah Amanat Bridge.

The natural and beautiful landscape around the Upazila is not far from the industrial and economic area. One of the popular sites in Anwara is Parki Beach and the resorts. People can also enjoy the scenery of the Bay of Bengal, Karnaphuli River, and Sangu River from various locations in Anwara.

Other notable locations include Anwara Hilltop Park, Menna Park, Kala Bibir Dighi, Hazrat Shah Mohsen Aulia (R:) Mazar Sharif, Bangladesh Marine Academy, and Norman's Point Lighthouse. Along with many educational institutions, Anwara Upazila has over 350 mosques, 83 Hindu Temples, 13 banks, 20 post offices, 52 cyclone centers, and an Upazila health complex.

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tick iconAnwara Upazila is located opposite the Chattogram Metropolitan City and southeast of the Karnaphuli River.
tick iconThe Bangabandhu Tunnel and Khan Jahan Ali are two major transportation modes that have made the Upazila, Chattogram Port areas, and Cox’s Bazar more accessible.
tick iconThe Parki sea beach, Karnaphuli River, Sangu River, and many hilly areas are some of Anwara's naturally beautiful locations.
tick iconThe area has several export processing zones, manufacturing companies, and fertilizer processing factories.
tick iconAnwara has important educational, religious, healthcare, and financial institutions.

পরিচিত ল্যান্ডমার্ক সমূহ

  • Bangabandhu Tunnel

  • Karnaphuli Fertilizer Company Ltd (KAFCO)

  • Menna Park

  • Sangu River

  • Bangladesh Marine Academy


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Anwara - Daulatpur
Anwara - Bahaddarhat
Anwara - CDA Avenue
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Kharana Railway Station
Patiya Railway Station

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tick iconMore economic zones are to be established in Anwara on 1,389 acres of land, such as steel, shipbuilding, leather goods, and automotive parts.
tick iconNew housing projects are currently underway to increase housing facilities in the Upazila area.

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tick iconThe Bangabandhu Tunnel and Chattogram-Cox’s Bazar Highway have made transportation more accessible via Anwara.
tick iconAnwara is also accessible by train and ferry terminals.
tick iconHousing demand in the area is pretty high as the upazila is developing quickly.
tick iconThere are several amenities and tourist zones in Anwara.
tick iconThe crime rate in the area is comparatively low.
tick iconAnwara is an environmentally good area with many greeneries and several major water bodies.

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tick iconThe local roads need to be widened to make public transport more accessible.
tick iconModern housing with more advanced communication accessibility is necessary.
tick iconThe area needs more healthcare institutions and shopping centers.
tick iconPolitical unrest often causes various issues, such as violence, in the area.
tick iconThe roads and highways in the area are prone to accidents and accidental deaths.
tick iconThe areas of the Upazila are prone to floods and other natural disasters.
tick iconIndustrialization near the river area can be threatening and cause pollution.

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