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Bandar is a thana or administrative unit in Chittagong. According to the Bandar area guide, its land area is about 20.04 sq./km, surrounded by Double Mooring and Halishahar on its north, the Karnaphuli River and Karnaphuli thana on its east, Patenga on its South, and the Bay of Bengal on the west. It is the residence of over 200,000 people at present, comprising 4 wards and unions with 11 mahallas.

Among others things, what makes Bandar an important place is the Chittagong Port, one of the crucial economic forces of our country. It is located in the Bandar thana, right on the mouth of Karnaphuli river. This made the place an important hub of trade for the country while giving its people a close relation to its natural elements.

Apart from commercial significance, the area also holds historical significance. The thana’s naval commandos who fought in the Liberation War conducted multiple successful missions against the Pakistani military. Today, it is one of the busiest places in Chittagong, swarmed with different markets and institutions that cater to the needs of locals and tourists altogether.

To start with markets, Bandar has Bandar Bazar, Saber Plaza, City Corporation Market, Jalal Plaza, Fakir Hat, Steel Mill Bazar, Yasin Mistry Hat, and more. Some noteworthy establishments around the thana are Chittagong EPZ, Navy Hospital Residential Area, Bandar Bhaban, Port Colony, Shipping Corporation Bhaban, Seamen’s Hotel, and Port Trust Officers’ Colony. These parts of the area make it a vibrant place, beating with the hubbub of life.

Bandar also has a number of religious institutions of different religions, demonstrating the diversified backgrounds of its population, i.e., Bandar Tila Ali Shah Mosque, East Colony Buddhist Temple, Nischintapara Jami Mosque, Umar Shah Mazar, S Alam Mosque, Ananadabazar Kali Temple, Sree Sree Kali Bari Cremation Temple.

Besides, there are also noteworthy educational institutions to improve the literacy rate of its population, which stands at 72.6% now. As for transportation and communication, Bandar's connection with other corners of the division is well-established because of its economic importance. Also, the availability of public vehicles ensures easy commutes for its people.

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tick iconBandar thana is an area under the Chattogram Metropolitan Jurisdiction.
tick iconAround Bandar, there are Patenga, Bay of Bengal, Halishahar, and Karnaphuli thana, making it an important area for communication.
tick iconAlong with notable landmarks, the place has a significant historical background related to the Liberation War of 1971.
tick iconSince the country’s main port is situated here, the thana plays a crucial role in the national economy.
tick iconThe location of the thana gives it the advantage of easy transportation and enhances its connectivity.


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EPZ - Bandar Tila
Agrabad - Bandar Tila
Noya Bazar - Bandar Tila
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Chattogram Railway Station
Sholashohor Rail Station
Chittagong Port Cargo Station

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tick iconThe Bangabandhu Tunnel under the Karnaphuli River will be opened by the end of October 2024.

এখানে কি ভালো?

tick iconBandar Thana has all the facilities for easy transportation as a commercial hub in the division.
tick iconThere are multiple bus stands and railway stations around the area.
tick iconCompared to other parts of Chittagong, living expenses are affordable in Bandar.
tick iconThere are many schools, colleges, markets, and religious institutes offering quality facilities.
tick iconThe security is not that high as several accidents have taken place around the port over the years.
tick iconBandar is a commercial area with an urban environment that offers delightful proximity to the natural beauty of the Karnaphuli and the Bay of Bengal.

কোথায় উন্নয়ন প্রয়োজন?

tick iconThere is a lack of proper medical facilities in the area.
tick iconMultiple accidents and criminal activities around the Port area have lowered the public’s safety.
tick iconThe area suffers from river pollution due to inefficient waste management.

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