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রাঙ্গুনিয়া, চট্টগ্রাম

The Rangunia Upazila is significant in Chattogram District because of its vast land area (around 347.72 square kilometers) and population (3.4 lakh). It is the 6th largest Upazila in land area and 9th in population, making the Rangunia area guide one of the most sought-after ones.

A little far from the Chattogram Metropolitan area, the Rangunia Upazila is bounded by Kawkhali and Rangamati Upazilas on the north and Chandanaish Upazila on the south. There are Rajasthali and Kaptai Upazilas of Rangamati and Bandarban Sadar Upazila on the east. It also has the Kawkhali, Rangamati, Raozaon, Patiya, and Boalkhali Upazilas on the west.

So, it is clear that Rangunia is one of the most accessible locations when traveling to the South of the country. Due to the Chattogram-Kaptai Road, people can travel to the upazila directly from Chattogram Metropolitan City or even from Dhaka. Another way to travel around the areas of Rangunia is via the Chandraghana Ferry Terminal. Though the area doesn’t have railway access, the nearest railway stations are Dhalghat and Patiya Railway Stations of Patiya Upazila.

While Rangunia is the administrative headquarters of the upazila, it has other notable sub-areas, such as Shilok, Kodala, Ranirhat, Padua, etc. The upazila's waterbodies are the Karnaphuli River and the Ichamoti River. While these increase Rangunia's beauty, floods often damage the area, its roads, and agricultural lands. Since Rangunia is considered a “major grain source” of the country, this type of natural disaster often causes big financial losses.

There are many notable locations and tourist attractions around the Rangunia Upazila. Some of the most popular ones are Sheikh Russel Aviary and Eco Park, Rampahar-Sitapahar Wildlife Sanctuary, Kodala Tea Garden, and Gayanasarana Buddhist Monastery. There are also various River and Sunset viewpoints near the river areas. The Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology (CUET), a prominent educational institution in Bangladesh, is also in the Rangunia Upazila.

The economy of the upazila depends largely on agriculture. However, other important economic sources include business, commerce, service, non-agricultural labor, and transport. Since the area is filled with many potential, Rangunia has been under various development projects to increase its living facilities and amenities.

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tick iconThe Rangunia Upazila is located near the Karnaphuli River.
tick iconVarious Chakma kings ruled the Rangunia area from 1757 until King Harish Chandra transferred his capital from Rangunia’s Rajanagar to Rangamati in 1874.
tick iconThe area is directly connected to Dhaka and Chattogram and is accessible by all kinds of road transport.
tick iconRangunia is filled with water bodies, agricultural lands, hilly areas, tea gardens, rubber dams, and more.
tick iconThe area has many historical and popular landmarks that attack tourists throughout the year.

পরিচিত ল্যান্ডমার্ক সমূহ

  • Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology (CUET)

  • Sheikh Russel Aviary and Eco Park

  • Tarabonia Dhamma Ratna Golden Temple

  • Karnaphuli River

  • Rangunia Govt. College


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Rangunia - Gouchora Chowmuhani
Rangunia - CUET
Rangunia - Pahartali
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Dhalghat Railway Station
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tick iconRangunia offers easy and broad access to communication facilities with Chattogram, Sitakunda, Dhaka, and many other locations.
tick iconIt also has a ferry ghat for crossing the Karnaphuli River.
tick iconThe people in the area mostly live in self-owned property.
tick iconIt also has many tourist attractions.
tick iconThe houses and living conditions in Rangunia are pretty safe.
tick iconMost parts of Rangunia are filled with eye-soothing scenery and beautiful landscapes.

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tick iconRangunia doesn’t have a railway station.
tick iconThe number of developed roads in the area is low.
tick iconThere is no modern or residential housing in Rangunia.
tick iconThe area doesn’t have a cinema hall, modern shopping complex, or other facilities.
tick iconThere are occasional criminal cases and unexpected incidents in the upazila.
tick iconThe area often suffers from natural disasters.

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