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A small yet growing neighborhood in northeast Dhaka, Badda has around 200,000 people. With its 9 suburbs and connection to other thanas, such as Gulshan, Baridhara, and Rampura, it is a popular residential area offering all the modern amenities of life.
According to the Badda area guide, as a part of Dhaka North City Corporation, Badda is an area of 16.78 square kilometers or 6.48 square miles. It is further divided into North Badda and South Badda. North Badda represents the hustling of life with its offices in the Pragati Sarani area, whereas South Badda is a residential place with areas like Aftabnagar and Banasree. Both parts complement each other, making Badda a place for business and residence altogether.
Public transportation is highly convenient in Badda. First, the Hatirjheel Circular Bus Service offers transportation on many routes in Dhaka. Rickshaws are always available for small distances. Plus, local bus services will take you anywhere in the central regions of the capital.
Besides, the Hatirjheel Water Taxi Service linking to the Gulshan Lake is a unique and affordable yet entertaining transportation for the area’s people. Within a few years, visiting Badda will be even easier upon the completion of the Dhaka Metro Rail project’s Airport Rail Link or MRT Line - 1.
While Badda is not the place you would want to choose for fancy dining, the local foods on its ever-living streets will not disappoint you. If you want a taste of South Asian cuisine or our traditional Bengali food, you can check out its restaurants.

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tick iconBadda is a suburban area formed with places of Gulshan and Cantonment thanas.
tick iconIt portrays the perfect city life, combining commercial activities and residents’ communities.
tick iconIt has some of the most prestigious educational institutes in the Dhaka division.
tick iconThere are ample scopes for recreation and entertainment for Badda’s people.
tick iconAlong with smooth communication and transportation, Badda has many healthcare facilities and worship houses for people of different institutions.


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Merul Badda - Kuril Bishwa Road
Merul Badda - Abdullahpur
Uttar Badda - Demra Staff Quarter
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Dhaka Cantonment Railway Station
Banani Railway Station

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tick iconMetro Rail MRT Line 1: It is an ongoing project that is likely to be completed by 2026. After that, communications in Badda will become more convenient.

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tick iconThe presence of mosques, temples, monasteries, and churches in and near Badda makes it a welcoming area for people of different faiths.
tick iconSince Badda is adjacent to the corporate hubs of Baridhara and Gulshan, employees working there find it a suitable place for ease of commute.
tick iconCompared to other regions in Dhaka, Badda’s real estate is more affordable. It can be a potential investment opportunity for many.
tick iconThe planned roads and sidewalks of Badda bear a testament to its superior infrastructure.
tick iconRestaurants, markets, banks, brand outlets, showrooms, and street foods are also among the attractions of Badda for its locals.

কোথায় উন্নয়ন প্রয়োজন?

tick iconTraffic jams because of numerous vehicles traveling all-day
tick iconGrowing air, sound, and dust pollution
tick iconMaintenance of the parks and lakes

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