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Tejgaon, under Tejgaon thana, is centrally located in Dhaka. The thana’s limits were adjusted in 2006 to establish Tejgaon Industrial Area Thana from the old bigger area and again in 2009 to create Sher E-Bangla Nagar Thana. Tengaon is a well-known industrial area. It grabs attention for another important reason, that is the Prime Minister’s office is here in Tejgaon.

If we analyse the Bangladesh Census, 2011, Tejgaon has 29,622 homes and a population of 148,255, with 100% of the people living in urban areas. The literacy rate was 77.6% and the average rate was 51.8%.

Well, it is an industrial area where different important types of companies work there. From the very first five-star hotel to different TV channels, Tejgaon has a reputation of a high business area. The main offices of the Daily Prothom Alo, the Daily Star (Bangladesh), the Independent etc are situated in Tejgaon. Also the offices and studios of different TV channels like Ekushey Television, NTV, ATN Bangla, Boishakhi, Channel i, and Channel 1 are at Tejgaon. The main campus of Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology is here at Tejgaon.

Overall, Tejgaon offers a dynamic blend of commerce, culture, and cosmopolitan living, making it one of the most sought-after neighborhoods in Dhaka. Whether you're looking to get into any industry, dine, or simply explore, Tejgaon has something to offer for everyone.

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tick iconThe area has been a center of industrial activity.
tick iconNumerous plants and factories are developed in Tejgaon including garments, food processing units, metal works, pharmaceuticals etc.
tick iconTejgaon has the headquarters for the Trading Corporation of Bangladesh.
tick iconPeople living here in Tejgaon do feel safe and secure because of the high security measures.
tick iconDifferent types of people, from low class to high class people live here.


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Tejgaon Truck Stand Bus Stop
Tejgaon collage- Mirpur
Mouchak- Tejgaon Nabisko
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Tejgaon Railway Station
Farmget Metrorail Station

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tick iconThe Dhaka North city has obtained 5.11 acres of land from two ministries to build a multi-storey truck terminal in Tejgaon.
tick iconThe Bangladesh Railway has taken the initiative to build a business hub on a 40-acre area around Tejgaon Railway Station.

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tick iconTejgaon boasts a well-developed infrastructure, including roads, utilities, and facilities, enhancing convenience and quality of life.
tick iconIts central location and connectivity to other parts of Dhaka make Tejgaon easily accessible, facilitating commuting and travel.
tick iconVarious bus services are available as Tejgaon has been linked with other important and busy areas like Agargaon, Moghbazar, Hatirjheel etc.
tick iconTejgaon offers various facilities, including restaurants, schools, and healthcare facilities, companies, industries.
tick iconWith a diverse population and vibrant cultural scene, Tejgaon fosters a sense of inclusivity and community.
tick iconTejgaon offers affordable housing facilities and it feels so safe and secure staying in a place where security level is at its best.
tick iconTejgaon, as an industrial area, has security measures such as CCTV cameras and private guards, ensuring resident's and industries’ safety and peace of mind.

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tick iconTraffic Control
tick iconMore green spaces
tick iconImplementing an efficient waste collection and recycling system

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