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ইসিবি চত্বর, ঢাকা

If you ask any Dhaka-dwellers which area has been under a massive and drastic change over the years, they will blindly answer you, ECB Chattar. Over 5-6 years, ECB Chattar has flourished as a lavish residential area from a barren place with dirt and sand.

ECB Chattar is located near the Mirpur DOHS and close to North Matikata Jame Mosque. The name ECB Chattar came from the intersection or crossroads where a monument is located. The monument is a military-grade automobile as a symbol of homage to the Bangladesh Military, who have contributed to converting the area in such a grand way for the public.

Prior to the name ECB Chattar, the area was known as “Choudhuri Kunj.” The road that connects Kalshi to the ECB Chattar was called the Balu Bridge. Now, the surrounding of that road is replete with luxurious apartments, food courts, restaurants, and many more entertainment zones.

Anyone who prefers to live near Mirpur or has day-to-day business near the area has embarked on ECB Chattar as their home. Thanks to the recently inaugurated flyover, people living nearby can travel to their destinations more swiftly. Also, ECB Chattar is a kickoff place from where most of the buses and public transport start their journey.

ECB Chattar has flourished as a food heaven despite being a residential area. Many educational institutions surround the area, so you can find budget-friendly and mouth-watering foods in restaurants and food courts.

Over time, ECB Chattar received a grand facelift and attracted the Dhaka people to set their nests there. From lower-middle class to middle-class and bachelor people, ECB Chattar has been a name of comfort and affordability for its vast housing projects, entertainment, and easy transportation.

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tick iconECB Chattar is an up-and-coming area near Mirpur DOHS.
tick iconThe residents usually live in residential complexes harmoniously with other families as neighbors.
tick iconMany buses and public transport have stoppages at ECB Chattar so that residents can travel to each corner of Dhaka easily.
tick iconMost people living around here are job holders or businesspeople. The economy has been flourishing for restaurants and entertainment sources.
tick iconThe lakes and parks are in dilapidated condition. However, the authorities are faring well in restoring the historic lake nearby.


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ECB Chattar - Kalshi
ECB Chattar - Mirpur 10
ECB Chattar - Sony Cinema Hall
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Mirpur 10 Metro Rail Station

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tick iconA condominium Project is underway by the Online group named ‘Online City.’ It is located at ECB Chattar and features residential and commercial spaces.
tick iconBTI, a popular developer agent, is running a project called BTI the Peak for residential purposes. The 1900+ sq feet apartments will be up for grabs very soon.

এখানে কি ভালো?

tick iconECB Chattar is a promising city with modern and futuristic urban facilities.
tick iconECB Chattar connects to almost all the routes in Dhaka. It is very close to the airport and Mirpur DOHS.
tick iconThe high-rise apartment buildings give the residents a healthy and properly-planned city with all the necessary facilities.
tick iconAs the premise is adjacent to the Cantonment area, ECB Chattar is very safe and shielded.
tick iconThe lakes and parks nearby provide fresh air in the loud and polluted city.

কোথায় উন্নয়ন প্রয়োজন?

tick iconIn the ECB Squares, buses are parked in a haphazard manner that entails pedestrians walking on the busy road in a risky way.
tick iconThe shortage of gas supply in homes and apartments is a common issue near ECB Chattar.
tick iconDue to the lack of sincerity of bus drivers, the roads of ECB Chattar are prone to road accidents.
tick iconIt dries up during the winter season, and bad odors are produced in the rainy season.

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