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The Rajshahi Court Station was opened for railway commutes in 1930 and is only 1 kilometer from the Rajshahi District Judge Court. Over the years, the station has significantly improved the communication system of people traveling around the Rajshahi megacity and district. The area falls under the Rajpara Thana and partially under wards 1 and 2 of Rajshahi City Corporation.

Following the station, the Court Station area guide was established. The Court Station road connects the station to Judge Court, Lakshmipur Mor/Mintu Chattor, and it goes all the way to Darusha, crossing the Rajshahi City Bypass. These routes are also some of the busiest ones, as there are several bus stations nearby that offer convenient transportation facilities in and out of the district.

Some of the area's most significant landmarks are Court Station Jame Masjid, Court Station Bazaar, Shaheed Jamil Chattar/Circle, Mahisbathan Colony Playground, Lilly Hall Mor, etc. Notable educational institutions here are the Court Model High School, Balajan Nessa Girl's High School, Mollapara Government School, Rajshahi Court College, Bidya School and College, etc.

Other than the Judge Court and many retailers, business places, service centers, and market areas, the Court Station area has many public and government offices and cultural centers. Some of them are the Councilor Office of ward no. 02 and 06, PDB Office, NESCO Office, ICT Department Office, Rajshahi Divisional Ethnic Cultural Academy, etc.

The Court Station area and the localities near the Court Station roads give one the taste of both city and rural life. Depending on where you are located, you can easily come across affordable and comparatively higher-cost housing.

So, it is safe to say that the Rajshahi Court Station area offers a diverse lifestyle and many amenities for locals and travelers alike. However, the area needs to be upgraded to improve living conditions and add recreational facilities for the people in the neighborhood.

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tick iconRajshahi Court Station area is located on either side of Rajshahi City Bypass or Rajshahi-Chapai Road.
tick iconIt is in the area near Rajshahi District Judge Court and is part of wards no 1 and 2 of RCC.
tick iconAlong with the most important train route, the area offers great access to transportation and communication.
tick iconIt is mostly a busy area but has many residential homes.
tick iconThe area is filled with many businesses and retailers, and it is one of the important locations.

পরিচিত ল্যান্ডমার্ক সমূহ

  • Rajshahi Court Railway Station

  • Court Station Mor

  • Rajshahi District Judge Court

  • Shaheed Jamil Chattor

  • Rajshahi Court Station Jame Masjid

  • Lilly Hall Mor

  • Rajshahi Court College


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Court Station - Kazla
Court Station - Rajshahi Railway Station
Court Station - Bhadra Mor
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Rajshahi Court Railway Station
Rajshahi Railway Station
Rajshahi University Railway Station

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tick iconA flyover is to be built over the court station to increase transportation facilities.

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tick iconThe Rajshahi Court Station offers a convenient facility for traveling by train.
tick iconThere are also various bus routes and smaller vehicles available in the area.
tick iconHouse rent in the area is affordable, and the lifestyle is quite diverse.
tick iconSince the area has lots of shops, several hospitals, and diagnostic centers, people can easily get access to most of the things they need.
tick iconThe area is comparatively safe due to a low crime rate.
tick iconThe areas beyond the highways are free from chaos and have greeneries.

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tick iconThe court station mor does not have enough bus stations that connect the other areas or districts more directly.
tick iconSome parts of the area need modern housing facilities.
tick iconThere aren’t enough recreational places near Court Station.
tick iconIt’s a densely populated area with not enough greeneries in most parts.
tick iconThe highways are too loud, crowded, and filled with hectic traffic situations.

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