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সাহেববাজার, ঢাকা

Shaheb Bazar is located in the city of Rajshahi. The thana, or police station, is Rajshahi’s zero point, the heart of the town. It is considered an important place because of its location, which has innumerable malls, markets, and banks in its close vicinity. Being an entirely business area, the place is a source of livelihood and fulfilling daily needs for many people.

You may have heard about Rajshahi’s Shaheb Bazar Boro Jame Mosque. Built around a couple of centuries ago in the Natore Road junction, the prominent mosque gives the place more exposure.

Even today, it is dearly valued by the Muslim community for its historical significance, not to mention how they gather in the mosque 5 times a day to say their prayers. Its recent renovations have given it a modern ambiance, the first thing to catch a traveler's eye.

The area of Shaheb Bazar is always busy. Everyone is doing something. There are throngs of stalls with their goods and crowds of people looking to buy their essentials. The fruit sellers with various seasonal fruits are especially notable. You can also visit the Kacha Bazar for fresh produce.

Besides, many restaurants, sweet stores, and street vendors offer abundant food to satisfy your cravings for local foods. But if you want to taste international cuisines, you will find restaurants for them, too. Shaheb Bazar has affordable hotels, inns, and guesthouses providing quality services. If you want to stay in Rajshahi for a while, you can check them out.

The central position of Shaheb Bazar does its locals a great deal of favor by its easy public transportation. Moreover, the old and prestigious schools and colleges are another convenience for the people of Rajshahi town, playing a role in enhancing their standard of life. Overall, Shaheb Bazar beautifully represents Rajshahi’s historical richness and present lifestyle altogether.

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tick iconShaheb Bazar is a great place to roam due to its historical places.
tick iconIt has a branch of Baatighar, a perfect place to find respite for bookworms.
tick iconIt has a great appeal to travelers because of its restaurants and hotels.
tick iconOne can go to different regions of Rajshahi from Shaheb Bazar by easy transportation.


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Shaheb Bazar - Rajshahi Polytechnic Institute
Shaheb Bazar - Circuit House, Rajshahi
Shaheb Bazar - Varendra University
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Rajshahi Railway Station

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tick iconPublic transportation is highly accessible from Shaheb Bazar.
tick iconShaheb Bazar is where the locals can meet various daily needs in one single place.
tick iconIts schools and colleges have great educational facilities, whereas its parks and historical spots are a great source of recreation.
tick iconEnvironment-wise, it is a lively place buzzing with people from all walks of life.

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tick iconSince it is the commercial hub of Rajshahi, traffic jams are a common problem.
tick iconmany facilities are contributing to a better lifestyle. But it is not that suitable for living.
tick iconThe streets are not pedestrian-friendly because of haphazard parking and street vendors.
tick iconThe air quality is alarmingly poor in Shaheb Bazar. In addition, it is always overcrowded.

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