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Tajhat Palace
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Shapla Chottor, Rangpur

Shapla Chottor is located in Rangpur, Bangladesh. Rangpur is a division of Bangladesh as well as a district. It hosts almost 8 lakh people in its city corporation area. The literacy rate in Rangpur is around 65%. Shapla Chottor is situated in Rangpur Sadar area. It's situated very close to the main town, you can say. The distance from Rangpur Railway station to Shapla Chottor is only 2 kilometers and the distance of Kamarpara bus stand from Shapla Chottor is only 550 meters. Let’s know more about this place in this Shapla Chottor area guide.

As Shapla Chottor is situated at the heart of Rangpur City, important locations such as Rangpur Medical College and Hospital, Rangpur City Chiklee Park, Rangpur Zoo, Rangpur Cantonment and Rangpur Railway station are very close to it. You will also find a lot of hotels and restaurants around the area.

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City Insights

tick iconShapla Chottor is mainly a junction of 3 roads
tick iconThe place is not very crowded, but often crossed by the Rangpur City people for traveling to places like the Rangpur Medical College and Rangpur Railway station.
tick iconThe area surrounding Shapla Chottor has a number of hotels and restaurants.
tick iconShapla Chottor is slowly turning out to be a key commercial area of Rangpur City.
tick iconYou can find both residential and commercial places around Shapla Chottor.

Known Landmarks

  • Betpotti Chottor

  • Tajhat Palace

  • Kamarpara Bus Stand

  • Rangpur Railway Station


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Bus Routes

Shapla Chottor - Mirbagh
Shapla Chottor - Modern More
Shapla Chottor - Rangpur Zoo
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Nearest Train Stations

Rangpur Railway station

New Developments

tick iconA number of hotels, shopping malls and places for recreation have been recently developed around Shapla Chottor.

What’s great here?

tick iconAs Shapla Chottor is situated in Rangpur City, it boasts well-developed infrastructure.
tick iconShapla Chottor is conveniently accessible, making traveling and commuting easier thanks to its central location and connections to other areas of Rangpur.
tick iconShapla Chottor provides a range of amenities to suit different requirements and tastes, such as restaurants, retail centers, schools, and medical facilities.
tick iconThe area employs security measures, such private guards and CCTV cameras, to make sure that its inhabitants are safe and comfortable.
tick iconThe environment is very friendly and welcoming

What needs attention?

tick iconAccessible housing
tick iconFacilities for public transportation
tick iconMore forested areas
tick iconSetting up a productive system for recycling and rubbish collection

Neighbourhood Rating


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Connectivity4 out of 5
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Lifestyle & Facilities5 out of 5
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Safety & Security3 out of 5
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Environment4 out of 5

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