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আফতাব নগর, ঢাকা

Aftabnagar is a fast developing and dynamic place located in Dhaka district of Bangladesh. Its other name is Zahurul Islam City. Aftabnagar is a residential area of ​​Badda police station in Dhaka district. Aftabnagar is bounded by Merul Badda to the north and Rampura Thana to the south. The postal code of Aftab city is 1212 and it is located in Ward No. 37 of Dhaka North City Corporation.

Aftabnagar consists primarily of residential complexes, apartment buildings, and gated communities. Now it is particularly well known due to its commercial and developed infrastructure. Compared to other parts of Dhaka, this area has relatively modern infrastructure. Residential complexes often offer amenities such as parks, playgrounds, community centers, and security services.

Aftab Nagar is close to various amenities including the best-quality schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, shopping centers, and restaurants. There is also a good provision of public utilities like electricity, water, and sanitation. The area under Badda police station has a good security system. Security is provided by security personnel at the residences. Aftabnagar is mainly an urban area but efforts are currently being made to incorporate green spaces into the community to maintain harmony with the environment.

Although the area was originally residential, it is now a mixed-economy hub and vibrant. The area is well connected with other parts of Dhaka through the road network. Notable for public transport like buses, rickshaws, and ride-sharing. Aftabnagar is home to a diverse community comprising people from various socio-economic backgrounds. Various communal events, cultural gatherings, and religious festivals are observed which instill harmony among the residents and attract outsiders to the place.

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tick iconAftabnagar is primarily a residential area. But nowadays offices, small business centers, shopping malls etc. are becoming well known as hubs of mixed economy.
tick iconAftab Nagar is a very well-known and developed residential area located within Dhaka North City Corporation.
tick iconAftab Nagar area is quite open but due to construction building works, the environment here is a bit dusty.
tick iconBuses and rickshaws are among the transport systems available within Aftab Nagar.
tick iconAftab Nagar is connected to any part of Dhaka by road communication and Kamalapur railway station is just 7 km from Aftab Nagar.


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Kamlapur Railway Station, Dhakaion

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tick iconA footover bridge is being constructed in front of the Aftabnagar entrance by the City Corporation.
tick iconFor the provision of electricity connection in Aftab Nagar, the work of taking the electricity cable underground is going on which undoubtedly shows the improved infrastructure.

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tick iconAftabnagar is one of the places in Dhaka. From here it is very easy to travel anywhere by road.
tick iconAs public transport you can use buses, and rickshaws and also have proper space to use private cars.
tick iconAftabnagar residents also have the best quality schools, colleges, and universities in the country within their reach.
tick iconAftab Nagar is one of the most advanced infrastructural areas of Dhaka with all advanced facilities. Adequate supply of electricity and water. Also, shopping malls, hospitals etc. are also very close to here.
tick iconThe atmosphere of Aftab City is quite open. Due to improved infrastructure and new projects, efforts are being made to maintain more greenery here, but currently, the area is a bit dusty due to the ongoing building construction.

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tick iconThere is no public transport system for movement inside Aftab Nagar. The only modes are rickshaws, motorcycles, or private cars.
tick iconhere is no provision for gas supply in the place.
tick iconThe security system is good but needs to be strengthened.
tick iconThe environment is currently a bit dusty.ts people’s peace.

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