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আন্দরকিল্লা, চট্টগ্রাম

Anderkilla is the 32nd ward under the Chattogram City Corporation. It is situated at the heart of Chattogram, surrounded by Dewan Bazar, Pathorghata, and Bakshirhat on the east, Enayet Bazar on the west, Jamalkhan on the South, and Firingee Bazar on the north. Per the Anderkilla area guide, some notable localities in the ward are Anderkilla, Lal Dighi, Cheragi Pahar, Asadganj, and Khatunganj.

What sets Anderkilla apart from many areas in Chattogram is its inseparable historical background linking the Mughal regime. Once used as a base for Portuguese pirates, the place became Anderkilla after the Mughals conquered it and built the Anderkilla Shahi Jame Mosque to commemorate their victory. The mosque is renowned to date for its exquisite architecture which will fascinate any tourist.

Today, occupying 0.77 sq/km of land, the area houses about 25,000 people. There is a law college, a Kamil madrasah, 4 primary schools, and 3 high schools signifying the 80% literacy rate of Anderkilla’s population.

The ward is doing well from an economic perspective, too. A number of government and non-government banks account for its contribution to the division’s economy. Besides, the markets on the streets and shopping complexes offer the daily amenities of life. From kacha bazaar to junk food or clothing to luxury items, everything is available to lead a comfortable life in Anderkilla. Tourists visiting the place will find it full of life at any time of the day.

As for transportation, it is highly accessible to the public because of Anderkilla’s advantageous position in Chattogram City. First, it has other important areas around it. Second, it offers different modes of public transportation, i.e., rickshaws, local buses, and CNGs. As a result, people prefer the area for the convenience of easy commutes to go to their workplaces and educational institutions.

In addition, the ward has multiple hospitals and healthcare facilities providing advanced medical care. Some of them are available 24/7. That is another reason why many want to move to this central part of the city.

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tick iconAnderkilla, a ward consisting of several areas, is located at the center of Chattogram.
tick iconThe banks and marketplaces comprise a considerable portion of the area’s economy.
tick iconIt has an urban environment with adequate lifestyle facilities.
tick iconAnderkilla is a historically significant place for its Mughal background.
tick iconIt is well-connected to other crucial parts of Chattogram City.


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Lal Dighi - Anderkilla
New Market - Anderkilla
Jamal Khan - Anderkilla
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Sholashohor Railway Station
Pahartali Railway Station
Kaibalyadham Railway Station
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tick iconThe location of Anderkilla facilitates effective communication with its surrounding wards and thanas by offering various transportation.
tick iconAs there are 5 train stations near Anderkilla, people can easily visit distant areas of the division by using them.
tick iconPeople dwelling in Anderkilla can enjoy the necessary amenities of life.
tick iconThere are several educational institutions, shopping complexes, and recreational spots to meet the daily needs of one’s life.
tick iconThe growing number of banks, hotels, and healthcare facilities is a sign of the improved lifestyle of Anderkilla’s population.
tick iconAs an urban area, most parts of Anderkilla are safe to live in.
tick iconWith all the advantages of urban life coexisting with greenery, Anderkilla offers a cozy environment to its residents.

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tick iconWhile middle to high-earning families enjoy a quality life in Anderkilla, the opposite applies to its slum dwellers due to the lack of proper shelter and hygiene.
tick iconThe increasing population in the area requires planned urbanization.
tick iconThere was a report of a fire in one of the markets last year.
tick iconThe area is often crowded because of the shops on the street, which adds to the traffic during rush hours.
tick iconInsufficient waste management in the ward, particularly in the tourist spots, increases the overall environmental pollution of the city.

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