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বাংলামোটর, ঢাকা

Banglamotor is the midway between the Sonargaon and InterContinental Hotel, connected with the Eskaton area. Banglamotor is a well-known place for bus passengers as a stop on routes between KawranBazar and Shahbag, and also for those who go to Moghbazar. Nobody comes here looking for a significant monument. There is no hospital, no huge malls or bazaars. People interested in literature may visit Bishya Sahitya Kendra, which is accessible via a short alley off the main road. People in general mainly visit this place for biking or car materials like brakes, alternators, or automobile batteries, etc.

Additionally, Banglamotor is a haven for automotive enthusiasts, with bustling markets offering everything from brakes, alternators, and automobile batteries to a wide range of spare parts and accessories for bikes and cars. Whether you're a seasoned mechanic searching for specific components or a casual enthusiast exploring the latest gadgets, Banglamotor's automotive district has something for everyone.

In essence, Banglamotor reflects Dhaka's vibrant mix of transit, culture, and commerce, making it a dynamic microcosm that mirrors the city's diverse spirit.

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tick iconBanglamotor is a very busy area
tick iconIt is renowned for bike showrooms, bike parts, car parts etc.
tick iconThe area and its neighborhood are hubs for business activities, attracting both local and international companies.
tick iconBanglamotor continues to evolve as a key commercial and cultural center, contributing to Dhaka's modern identity.
tick iconThe area offers a mix of residential and commercial spaces, catering to diverse lifestyles.


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Fulbaria - Banglamotor
Banglamotor - Khilkhet
Banglamotor - Kamalapur
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Kamalapur Railway Station
Farmgate Metro Rail Station

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tick iconBanglamotor boasts well-developed infrastructure, including roads, utilities, and facilities, enhancing convenience and quality of life.
tick iconIts central location and connectivity to other parts of Dhaka make Banglamotor easily accessible, facilitating commuting and travel.
tick iconBanglamotor offers various facilities, including restaurants, schools, and healthcare facilities, catering to multiple needs and preferences.
tick iconWith a diverse population and vibrant cultural scene, Banglamotor fosters a sense of cultural diversity, people gathering.
tick iconThe neighborhood implements security measures such as CCTV cameras, traffic polices, ensuring business safety and peace of mind.

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tick icon More security
tick iconTraffic Control
tick iconGreen Atmosphere
tick iconImplementing an efficient waste collection and recycling system

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