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বোয়ালখালী, চট্টগ্রাম

The Boalkhali Upazila is one of the areas in the Chattogram District, which is located near the Karnaphuli River. To be precise, the upazila is located about 12 kilometers from the Chattogram Sadar and southeast of the Karnaphuli River. It is a developing and growing location right next to the Chattogram City Corporation localities, making it ideal for anyone looking into the Boalkhali area guide.

The land area of the upazila is 137.27 square kilometers, and it has a population of around 2,35,483, with over 42,500 families living there. That makes Boalkhali an averagely populated area. On top of that, since it is one of the areas connected to the Chattogram ports, Boalkhali is an important location for trade and business. That is also why it has several growing industrial zones and farms.

The old Kalurghat Bridge, which goes through Arkan Road and over the Karnaphuli River, is one of the main means of communication in the area. People can also travel to Boalkhali using the Shah Amanat Bridge and Chattogram-Cox’s Bazar Highway through Patiya. There are also several train stations in Boalkhali, one of which runs on the Kalurghat Bridge. Unfortunately, the bridge has been deemed old and risky, and it will be reconstructed soon to ensure safe transportation and communication facilities.

Boalkhali is a progressive area where you will likely come across many concrete and tin-shaded houses as well as a few straw houses. One government data shows that there are no landless or homeless people in the area. Many reputed public figures, including actress Kobori Sarwar, singer Shefali Ghosh, litterateur Atul Chandra Datta, and Liberation War Birangana writer Rama Chowdhury, are from Boalkhali.

Other than the Karnaphuli River or Boalkhali Canal, this upazila has several tourist attractions. Some of the oldest architects and locations in the Upazila are the Sreepur Shahi Bura Masjid, Sri Sri Kalachand Thakurbari Temple, Medosh Munir Ashram/Hermitage, Lalar Dighi, etc. Anyone who wants to enjoy its natural landscape should visit the Karnaphuli Riverview spot and the Sreepur Bangabandhu Riverview, Rangunia Bat Cave, Koroldenga Hill, etc.

The Boalkhali upazila is also religiously and culturally diverse, with Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, and Christians living harmoniously. The government has taken various initiatives to improve and develop the lifestyle and communications in the area and add more amenities.

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tick iconBoalkhali is an upazila of the Chattogram District and located at the southeast of the Karnaphuli River.
tick iconThe upazila was established as a thana in 1910 and became an upazila on July 3, 1983.
tick iconThe area has several industrial zones, including salt, fisheries, dairy, and more.
tick iconBoalkhali is a developing area filled with marketplaces, service centers, financial and business institutions, etc.
tick iconThere are many religious institutions in the area for people of different religions, making Boalkhali a diverse area.

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  • Kalurghat Bridge

  • Karnaphuli Riverview

  • Karnaphuli River

  • Kadhurkhil Government High School

  • Lalar Dighi


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Boalkhali - Chattogram Sadar
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নতুন উন্নয়ন

tick iconThe upcoming developments in the area include upgrading educational institutions and adding new buildings or classrooms.
tick iconSeveral roads of Boalkhali Upazila are to be developed and widened to offer better access to transportation.
tick iconThe Kalurghat Bridge project is to reconstruct the old Kalurghat Bridge and improve connection and communication between the Port area and Boalkhali.

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tick iconFrom bridges and highways to ferries and boats, there are several communication routes in Boalkhali Upazila.
tick iconThere are also facilities to travel in and out of the Upazila using train routes.
tick iconMost of the houses in the area are developed.
tick iconRecently, Boalkhali has been announced as one of the areas with no landless and homeless population.
tick iconIt is filled with many old and historical landmarks and has several tourist spots.
tick iconPeople in Boalkhali live a safe life with a low rate of unexpected and unlawful incidents.
tick iconBoalkhali has several rivers, hillside areas, Riverview spots, greenery, and historical architecture.

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tick iconThe current Kalurghat Bridge running over the Karnaphuli River to Boalkhali is old and risky.
tick iconThe area still has many damaged and underdeveloped roads.
tick iconBoalkhali certainly needs modern amenities, such as shopping complexes, restaurants, recreational zones, etc.
tick iconThe major roads are still prone to traffic accidents, claiming many lives every year.
tick iconThe area often suffers from waterlogging and flood problems.
tick iconIndustrialization and heavy deforestation are causing climate issues and polluting lands and water.

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