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If you want to talk about the economic hubs of Chattogram City Corporation areas, CDA Avenue is a commonly heard name. The entire area is vast, going all the way between Tigerpass Circle and East Sholoshohor, located on either side of the CDA Avenue road. The area is part of Kotwali Thana and falls into various CCC wards.

Known for both business and residential tranquility, the area's population is increasing, and the development around it is also taking place rapidly. The area is filled with various popular locations, landmarks, and other places that attack dwellers from other parts of the city every day. So, if you plan to move to the area for residential, business, or vocational purposes, it is ideal to be familiar with the CDA Avenue area guide.

The CDA Avenue is also often regarded as the GEC Mor area, which is another location within the CDA Avenue area. And because it is an economic and commercial location, it is always bustling with traffic, a busy lifestyle, and chaos, making it one of the cities that never sleeps. Even if you get out for a midnight stroll under the orange street lights, you will still find open places and busy activities of people.

In addition, several important roads and highways make it accessible to other cities and towns. Moreover, the Akhtaruzzaman Chowdhury Flyover, which is the country’s longest highway overpass, is also located in the area. It makes transportation and communication more accessible. Not only can one travel inside the city, but several bus services allow people from many other districts to travel in and out of the Chattogram district.

While CDA Avenue and its nearby locations have been turning into a preferred location to move to or settle down, it also comes with a high living cost. Being a commercial and high residential area, the property price has increased at a massive rate over the last few years. Yet, real estate developers have been building apartment complexes and residential areas to offer housing at various price ranges. The commercial spaces also cost pretty high compared to other areas.

CDA Avenue is filled with many educational institutions, religious and financial institutions, hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, super shops, shopping complexes, and many more. It also has other notable places, such as Hazrat Garib Ullah Shah Mazar, Reboti Mohan Sculpture, Jamyiatul Falah National Mosque, The Peninsula Chittagong, Biplob Udyan, etc.

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tick iconCDA Avenue is an area of Chattogram City Corporation.
tick iconIt is one of the most prominent and bustling economic zones of the Chattogram District.
tick iconIt is well-known for offering residential cum commercial places, and the area has multiple residential hotels, high-end restaurants, and business locations.
tick iconIts vast transportation facilities connect the area to many other cities and districts.
tick iconCDA Avenue is a suitable area for a modern lifestyle.

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  • Akhtaruzzaman Chowdhury Flyover


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CDA Avenue - Kalurghat
CDA Avenue - Sholoshohor
CDA Avenue - Tigerpass Mor
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Chattogram Railway Station
Polytechnic Institution Hall Station
Pahartali Railway Station
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tick iconThere are several housing cum commercial places currently under development in the CDA Avenue area.

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tick iconFrom small vehicles to big transports, CDA Avenue offers all the necessary facilities for convenient communication.
tick iconThere are several railway stations located near the area.
tick iconCDA Avenue offers a modern lifestyle with developed housing facilities.
tick iconIt also offers access to all types of accommodations, necessities, and amenities.
tick iconMost of the places in the area are highly secure.
tick iconIt offers an urban environment and has plenty of recreational locations.

কোথায় উন্নয়ন প্রয়োজন?

tick iconThe area needs more affordable housing for people of various economic backgrounds.
tick iconDue to urbanization, the area lacks sufficient greenery and suffers from environmental pollution.

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