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ডেমরা, ঢাকা

Demra, located in the region of Dhaka, Bangladesh covers an area of 19.36 kilometers. With around 226,679 people calling it home, Demra is known for being one of the most populated neighborhoods in Dhaka. It is surrounded by known areas like Khilgaon thana to the north and Narayanganj Sadar upazila to the south positioning it as a crossroads within the greater Dhaka metropolitan region. The area is famous for its mix of residential spaces serving as a thriving economic center with various factories ranging from garment production to steel mills. Educational institutions, places of worship, and cultural hubs contribute to the tapestry of Demra. Following the Demra area guide its bustling blend of business, industry, and community life captures the spirit of urban Bangladesh.

According to the Demra area guide, Demra can promise a standard living environment with excellent connectivity & commuting options. Though the current lifestyle situation here is still improving, it can promise high growth after the completion of the expressway project.

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সিটি ইনসাইট

tick iconPopulated neighborhood
tick iconHome to garment factories, steel mills & vibrant marketplace
tick iconMajor highway connectivity
tick iconMany religious structures, Schools, Collage & Madrasa


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Gabtoli - Demra
Hemayetpur - Demra
Dhour/Abdullahpur - Demra
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There is no nearest rail station

নতুন উন্নয়ন

tick iconOn March 23 2023 the Rampura Amulia Demra (RAD) Expressway Project received approval from the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB). This expressway aims to improve transportation for both passengers and goods between the eastern parts of Dhaka and

এখানে কি ভালো?

tick iconThe forthcoming Rampura Amulia Demra Expressway, sanctioned by the government, is set to enhance transportation networks and connectivity.
tick iconSituated between Khilgaon Thana and Narayanganj Sadar Upazila, Demra serves as a hub in Dhaka, with accessibility.
tick iconDemra is celebrated for its community bonds across social spheres.
tick iconThe area boasts a sector, including garment and steel mills that significantly contribute to both local and national economies.
tick iconA vibrant marketplace in the vicinity offers a range of products and services.

কোথায় উন্নয়ন প্রয়োজন?

tick iconUnplanned construction of buildings, and factories
tick iconSafety and security, as Mohammadpur is notorious when it comes to highjacking, even during broad daylight.
tick iconImplementing an efficient waste collection and recycling system
tick iconproper dumping station
tick iconNeed Controlling for infestation of mosquitoes and flies

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গড় মূল্য (বিগত ১২ মাসের)
Tk. 2,752.93 sqft
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