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Did you know that the Dhamrai Upazilla (sub-district) is the largest Upazilla in Dhaka district by land area? If you didn’t, our Dhamrai area guide will give you all the information you need.

Dhamrai was part of the Savar Thana during British rule in 1914. Later, in 1947, it was established as a separate Thana and put under the Dhaka district. The area is located about 40 km northwest of the city, and the Dhaka-Aricha Highway passes through it. At least 4,96,249 people are living in the area, which makes it densely populated.

The area is bounded by Mirzapur, Kaliakair, Singair, Savar Upazillas, etc. Moreover, you can see part of the Dhaleshwari River from various locations in the area. Moreover, the area is composed of alluvium soil of the Dhaleshwari and Bongshi rivers.

Since the area is located near the Dhaka-Aricha Highway, it offers access to communication inside and outside the Dhaka district. Using public transportation is the best way to get there, but many people rely on local transport as well.

It is also a suitable area for living for anyone who wants to settle outside the main city. Along with land, housing projects are also available in the area. Moreover, renting apartments and living costs are more affordable than in the city. There are over 300 educational institutions, including schools, colleges, universities, madrasas, and over 100 NGO schools.

Dhamrai is also a tourist attraction due to its historical landmarks and significance. Some of the known locations are Balai Jamidar House, Madhab Mondir, Shaitta Banyan Tree, and more.

The annual Dhamrai Rath is quite famous in the area. Sukanta Dhamrai Metal Crafts is also known for being the primary metal hub in Bangladesh.

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tick iconDhamrai is surrounded by lands and rivers and is located right outside the city.
tick iconThe area is known for many old mosques and temples built during the British period.
tick iconIt has historical significance and many important landmarks.
tick iconThe Dhaka-Aricha Highway connects the area to several other districts.
tick iconThe area is naturally beautiful, filled with gardens, parks, and greeneries.


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Dhamrai - Noyarhat
Dhamrai - Dhaka-Aricha Highway
Dhamrai - Kaliakair Highway
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নতুন উন্নয়ন

tick iconSeveral education institutions, additional classrooms, and housing projects are under development.
tick iconRoad and bridge constructions have been initiated to improve communication.

এখানে কি ভালো?

tick iconThere are several bus stops and bus routes in and out of the area.
tick iconThere are several bus stops and bus routes in and out of the area.
tick iconThe Dhaka-Aricha Highway connects Dhamrai to other parts of Dhaka city.
tick iconRenting houses or rooms in Dhamrai is very affordable.
tick iconWhile there aren’t many big shopping malls available, residents can get access to daily amenities.
tick iconDhamrai is mostly a rural area, which offers a naturally beautiful scenario and serene environment.

কোথায় উন্নয়ন প্রয়োজন?

tick iconMany roads in the area are still underdeveloped, which makes communication often challenging.
tick iconMore housing projects are needed for people who move to the area.
tick iconThe area needs more shopping malls and recreational places.
tick iconSince it is not a very developed area, it is prone to accidents and mugging.
tick iconDue to industrialization, some parts of the area suffer from air pollution.
tick iconWater drainage systems in certain areas also need to be developed.

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