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ধাপ, রংপুর

Dhap is situated in Rangpur district in Bangladesh. It is included in the Rangpur City map. The Rangpur Town Hall is approximately 40 minutes walking distance from this area and the Rangpur Railway Station is 6.7 kilometers away from this area. The area is fairly developed with various facilities and can be considered a good option for residential living or business establishment.

However, a number of medical colleges, hospitals, and nursing colleges are located in this area. Thus, one of the most popular and crowded parts of this area is the Medical Chottor. This area is also very popular for medical students to live in because all their destinations are within walking distance from here. As it’s a part of Rangpur city, you should not face any difficulties regarding transportation. There are also shopping malls, medical colleges, hospitals, and parks inside and around this area.

Dhap and its surrounding areas are mainly used for residential purposes, but you can also start small businesses here. The environment is very friendly and it is generally a bit less crowded when compared to the other parts of Rangpur city.

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tick iconDhap is situated in Rangpur City.
tick iconThe area is never very crowded, and mainly used for residential purposes.
tick iconRangpur Medical College and Hospital is in this area.
tick iconRAMC Shopping Complex is just beside this area.
tick iconYou can find lots of residential area in Dhap

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  • Rangpur Medical College Shahid Minar

  • Medical Chottor

  • Shahid Mukhtar Ilahi Chottor

  • Dhap Chottor


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Dhap - Medical More Bus Stop
Dhap - BRTC Bus Counter, Rangpur
Dhap - Kamarpara Bus Stand
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Rangpur Railway station

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tick iconDhap has a well-developed infrastructure because it is located in Rangpur City.
tick iconDhap offers a variety of amenities, including dining options, shopping malls, medical facilities, and schools, to accommodate a range of needs and preferences.
tick iconBecause of its central location and links to other parts of Rangpur, Dhap is easily accessible, making travel and commuting easier.
tick iconDhap is very secure area based on the review of local people.
tick iconDhap’s diverse population and lively cultural scene foster an open and welcoming atmosphere.

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tick iconPromoting local economic growth and entrepreneurship through job creation, skills training, and support for small businesses
tick iconThe recycling and waste collection systems also need some improvement in this area

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