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পৌর বাজার, রংপুর

Pourobazar is located in Rangpur district. The place is busy and well known for selling various products: a market, super shop, fresh vegetables, a big fish market, various offices, etc. This municipal market is located 1.2 km from Rangpur Zero Point and is a 16-minute walk. On the other hand, it is located 2.7 km away from Rangpur Sadar Upazila. The place has shopping, transportation, well-developed roads, and everything very convenient and necessary as a place of work for people of various professions at your fingertips. The nearest railway station is 40 minutes away. It is a vibrant place in Rangpur, which is a combination of living and working. It will provide a peaceful living while enjoying the sights and diverse culture of Rangpur.

The beauty of the surrounding place, facilities, educational institutions, etc., will impress you. The town market will give you an opportunity to realize the busyness of the Rangpur district, and there are job opportunities for people of various professions. Many people live here, and it is a very important and famous place in Rangpur.

Overall, Pourobazar offers a dynamic blend of commerce, culture, and diverse and varied lifestyles, making it one of the most desirable localities in Rangpur. Whether you want to shop, eat, or just wander around, Pourobazar has something to offer.

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tick iconPourobazar is a vibrant, bustling commercial area.
tick iconIt is well known for its super shop, market, big fish market, and market for vegetables, fruits, etc.
tick iconIt is a hub of business activity in Rangpur, linking to the local and capital areas.
tick iconPourobazar is developing as an important commercial and professional workplace contributing to Rangpur's modern identity.
tick iconThe area offers a mix of residential and commercial spaces catering to various lifestyles.

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  • Pourobazar Online Super Shop

  • Collectorate Surovi Uddan

  • Niaz Hotel , Pourobazar

  • Rangpur Zero Point , Pourobazar

  • Big Fish Market, Pourobazar


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Pourobazar Road - Central Road
Pourobazar Road - Station Road
Pourobazar Road - City Bazar Road
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Rangpur Railway Station

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tick iconRangpur to Sirajganj four lane highway, Developmental works like Rangpur City Central Bus Terminal, Rangpur City Asphalt Plant and Store Yard are coming up.

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tick iconPourobazar has good roads, well-developed education, and medical infrastructure, along with utilities and facilities, which add convenience and quality of life.
tick iconPourobazar offers various facilities, including a super shop, an online super shop, a market, raw fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, fresh fish, advanced educational institutions, and advanced medical facilities, catering to multiple needs and preferences.
tick iconIts central location and connectivity to other parts of Rangpur make Pourobazar easily accessible, facilitating travel and travel.
tick iconTo ensure the safety and peace of mind of the residents of the vicinity, the city corporation has taken various initiatives such as strict legal measures, the setup of CCTV cameras in different places, and security measures like personal guards at homes.
tick iconWith a diverse population and vibrant engagement scene, diverse cultures foster a sense of inclusion and community.

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tick iconPublic transportation system
tick iconAccommodation cost should be lower
tick iconwaste collection and recycling system

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