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লালবাগ মোড়, রংপুর

Lalbag Mor is a vibrant and diversified marketplace in the center of the city that is well worth a visit. With a variety of suppliers and goods on offer, this place has something to offer everyone. Let’s learn more about this place as a Lalbag Mor area guide.

The caliber of the goods offered at Lalbag Bazar is one of its most notable qualities. Fresh vegetables and handcrafted goods are just a couple of the things that the merchants take great delight in providing to their clientele. You're likely to discover what you're looking for thanks to the incredible variety of products available, which ranges from electronics and household goods to apparel and accessories.

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tick iconLalbag Mor, Rangpur is mainly a commercial area where markets and shops are situated.
tick iconEvery Sunday, a huge temporary market is held at this place for business. Purchasers and sellers from around the place come to this place to buy and sell things.
tick iconThe area around Lalbag Mor can also be considered for residential living.
tick iconLalbag Mor is considered as the biggest market place in the entire Rangpur district.

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  • Batchelor Chottor

  • Mahiganj Shahid Minar

  • DC Mor Square


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Lalbag Mor - Medical Mor
Lalbag Mor - Shatmatha Bus Stop
Lalgbag Mor - Modern Mor Bus Stop
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Rangpur Railway station

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tick iconLalbag Mor boasts top-notch infrastructure, with modern amenities and well-developed facilities contributing to its appeal.
tick iconSituated strategically, Lalbag Mor enjoys excellent accessibility, facilitating seamless travel and effortless commuting with its central location and well-connected transportation networks.
tick iconLalbag Mor offers a diverse array of facilities catering to various needs and preferences, including but not limited to dining options, shopping centers, educational institutions, and healthcare services.
tick iconThe cultural vitality of Lalbag Mor fosters a rich and inclusive atmosphere, celebrating diversity and promoting a strong sense of community among its populace.
tick iconSafety is a top priority in Lalbag Mor, with dedicated security personnel and advanced surveillance systems ensuring the peace of mind of its residents and visitors alike.
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