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Elephant Road, a road full of hustle and bustle, is situated between Shahbag Road and the National Science Laboratory. Stationed within New Market thana, Elephant Road accommodates around 67,439 people in 18 wards and falls within the perimeter of Dhaka South City Corporation.

However, when we think about Elephant Road, images of residences or neighborhoods hardly cross our minds. The Elephant Road area guide always focuses on the focal point of Elephant Road. That is its unique variety of businesses and ventures. From the early 80s till now, this area has been one of the top shopping destinations for Dhaka people.

Let’s hop on to an imaginary time machine and get to know from where it got such a unique name. During the British period, elephants were abundant in Dhaka, and grazing them was a daunting task. To uproot the problem, lakes near Ramna were appointed. From Pilkhana to Ramna, these elephants would cross the road now known as Elephant Road.

At the pinpoint of Elephant Road, there is a popular intersection named “Bata Signal.” This name came from the large showroom of the Bata, the shoe brand. Needless to say, there are countless shops and stores that sell various kinds of shoes at very cheap prices. However, here, you need to learn the game of bargaining.

One location that made Elephant Road popular among young people is the Multiplan Center. This center is a hub for every electronic need, from laptops to desktops. Due to the proximity to Dhaka University and Dhaka College, Elephant Road has become a one-stop shopping solution for clothes, eyewear, shops, and electronics.

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tick iconElephant Road is one of the prime destinations for wedding shopping.
tick iconThere are various kinds of shops for menswear. It includes sherwani, Panjabi, shirts, suits, T-shirts, etc.
tick iconElephant Road links with Nilkhet Road. Nilkhet is well-known for bookshops with cheap and inexpensive books.
tick iconThere are some stores in Elephant Road that predate the independence of Bangladesh.
tick iconElephant Road also has tons of stores for curtains. Moreover, this is a popular destination for ceramic and porcelain crockeries.


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Elephant Road - Azimpur
Elephant Road - Dhanmondi
New Market - Elephant Road
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Dhaka Metro's MRT Line 6, Shahbagh

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tick iconSince Elephant Road is an age-old area in Dhaka, there are only a few development projects happening. There is a housing project by Sheltech for residential purposes.
tick iconSome high-end retail stores, such as Illiyeen, Lotto, Porcelena, etc.

এখানে কি ভালো?

tick iconElephant Road can be entrusted with all your shopping needs, particularly for men.
tick iconDhaka University, Dhanmondi, Shahbagh, Science Lab, all these locations are propinquity from Elephant Road.
tick iconStreet food always smacks hard. On Elephant Road, you can enjoy fantastic street foods, from fuchka to fried items.
tick iconThe environment is quite okay for shopping. But, for residential purposes, this may need to be more manageable.

কোথায় উন্নয়ন প্রয়োজন?

tick iconThe traffic on this road is incessant
tick iconDue to a lack of monitoring, some unethical businessmen sell low-quality products at a higher price
tick iconElephant Road is quite safe as a commercial area. However, due to the proximity to the University area, there can be political mishaps from time to time.

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