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Farmgate, situated at the heart of Dhaka, Bangladesh, is not only a bustling commercial hub but also a vital transit point connecting various parts of the city. Geographically, Farmgate is positioned at a strategic junction, making it a pivotal area for transportation and accessibility within the city. This part of Dhaka is well known for its varied range of markets where you will find educational establishments, governmental offices as well as commercial locations.

Farmgate entertains these several significant learning institutes giving it the name of ‘the knowledge and culture centre’ within Dhaka. People in Farmgate get access from street shopping to Bashundhara City Shopping Complex for a different experience. Farmgate is connected with all parts of Dhaka city. Almost every major road intersects here, including the pivotal Bijoy Sarani and Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue. The Tejgaon Industrial Area provides an economic vibrancy in this city.

The area's infrastructure is improving rapidly because of its access to some major expressways. Dhaka-Mymensingh Expressway is one of those examples that increases its connectivity to the entire network of national highways and provides smooth traffic to and from the northern region of the city.

With its strategic location, diverse population, and multifaceted amenities, Farmgate exemplifies the dynamic urban lifestyle of Dhaka, making it a key area for residents, commuters, and businesses alike.

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tick iconFarmgate has a population of more than 80,000 people.
tick iconFrom bustling markets and shopping malls to prestigious colleges, universities & several educational institutes; Farmgate is a melting pot of opportunities for learning, shopping, and entertainment.
tick iconA vibrant marketplace in the vicinity offers a range of products and services.
tick iconThe elevated expressway & Dhaka metro rail (Farmgate portion) significantly reduce traffic congestion and improve travel times, further boosting Farmgate's connectivity within the metropolitan area.


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Farmgate - Gabtoli
Farmgate - Keraniganj
Farmgate - Motijheel
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Tejgaon Railway Station
Farmgate Metro Rail Station

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tick iconDhaka Elevated Expressway: Once entirely completed, the expressway is anticipated to result in decreased travel times and ease of close-city-area commute and improve public transportation in and around Farmgate.
tick iconMetro Station Plaza Park: The upcoming plan is to create a park near Station Plaza of metro rail for kids, children, young people as well as others to get a recreational place to hang out amid the city.

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tick iconIn terms of educational facilities and shopping centres, including markets, the region presents diverse opportunities to different consumers & customers.
tick iconCompared to the central areas of Dhaka, housing is affordable in Farmgate, a desirable choice for moving in for many people, especially for students.
tick iconFarmgate has lifestyle can be rated as high-paced urban to the convenience of suburban-style amenities just within the city.
tick iconThe urban density and activity of Farmgate can be seen at the same time create problems, in the form of pollution and inadequacy of green spaces. Farmgate Park development construction and the upgrade of existing greenery spaces are means for the authorit
tick iconFarmgate benefits from an active police force that increases the number of police officers and community organizations that ensure the area's safety and security. Infrastructure renewal and facilities update again play a critical part in the provision of

কোথায় উন্নয়ন প্রয়োজন?

tick iconTraffic management and pedestrian safety
tick iconBetter efficiency in public transportation
tick iconUrban Planning and Development Regulations
tick iconNeed active law force to prevent crime
tick iconPoor air quality
tick iconWaterlogging and Drainage system
tick iconWaste Management and Cleanliness

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