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Located on the banks of Buriganga River, Hazaribagh is one of the places in Dhaka Division, Dhaka District, Bangladesh. Hazaribagh place is a very old and tradition bearing place of Bangladesh. It is mainly known for its leather industry. Hazaribagh is a Police Station, it belongs to Ward No. 22. Hazaribagh is a densely populated place. Although it is a part of old Dhaka, today Hazaribagh has become an industrial area. The area is well known for its small businesses, shops, shopping malls, restaurants, and factories of various types.

Hazaribagh was the largest leather processing area in Bangladesh. Currently this work has been shifted from here to Savar. To the north of the place are Mohammadpur Police Station, South Kamrangirchar Police Station, East of Dhanmondi Police Station and West of Keraniganj Police Station which are contributing significantly to the location of this place. Today it is a commercial herb and a very lively area. Here you will find people from different professions of different labors living their lives with great harmony.

About 103482 people live here. The densely populated area has all essentials including adequate supply of gas, clean water and electricity. Hazaribagh was initially known for its tannery and leather industry, but now trains have been diverted from here due to environmental and health challenges. However, local residents are worried about the environmental pollution here.

Hazaribagh has many good educational institutions that are desirable as a citizen. From entertainment to medical services etc. there are good facilities. Hazaribagh is very famous for its own food, regional language etc.

Although the place is old, there is a kind of harmony between different types of people here which is good. Various types of traditional food, wholesale goods are sold here. Also you will see old structures here which will remind you of our old culture, this place is bringing old tradition and culture books of Bangladesh. The place is densely populated and somewhat untidy but offers good facilities. This bustling place has a spontaneous life that makes the place unique.

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tick iconThe place is located in Hazaribagh police station of Dhaka district. It is a part of Old Dhaka in Bangladesh.
tick iconHazaribagh is primarily known for its leather trade. The place is built on the banks of Buriganga river.
tick iconThe environment here is somewhat vulnerable due to the leather industry but due to the current environmental and health risks, the management of the leather industry has been removed.
tick iconThis place is connected to any place in Dhaka by means of road communication like -bus. Also, rickshaws, auto rickshaws etc. are common in the place.
tick iconA large number of products are sold in the place which are spread all over Dhaka. This place is well connected to all parts of Dhaka.


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Hazaribagh - Mohammad pur
Hazaribagh - Jigatala
Hazaribagh - Dhanmondi
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Kamlapur Railway Station

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tick iconHazaribagh tannery land will be a development project

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tick iconHazaribagh is one of the business centers of Dhaka. This place is popular for the leather industry and is the business center of Dhaka.
tick iconUsually this place is connected with different places of Dhaka through road communication, bus. Through which a person can easily connect to any place in Dhaka.
tick iconVarious amenities such as top-quality schools, colleges, engineering institutes, recreational centers and hospitals are all close at hand.
tick iconHazaribagh is a very old place in Dhaka district with unique facilities and opportunities for various types of people.
tick iconThe environment here is not very clean, but currently, the environment is looking to become clean.

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tick iconThere are many rows of shops on the footpaths which are causing inconvenience to the movement of people.
tick iconAs the leather industry is managed here, its environment is somewhat risky.
tick iconThere are many old houses which are uninhabitable and should be rebuilt.
tick iconAim to reduce odors in the air and use of pesticides.

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